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The Great-Great-Granddaughter of the Inventor of Coca-Cola Launches Next Generation Beauty Product

What is No Slip Hair Ties?

Kapazation, LLC is overseeing the marketing, distribution, and sale of No Slip Hair Ties on and

The Current Landscape

The main competitors of hair ties on the market include Goody, Kitsch, and Scunci. The market for hair ties worldwide has been segmented and laden with problems.

Company Birth Story

When the CEO of Kapazation, LLC realized that No Slip Hair Ties solved many problems in the hair tie market, he and his team decided to launch their first product sales online. No Slip Hair Ties were launched on in August, 2021. Going with Walmart first, defied conventional wisdom which would be to launch first on Amazon. “The reviews on say it all!”, said Jim Nico, CEO and these reviews caught the attention of Amazon who later chose Kapazation, LLC as the one company, out of a thousand considered, to be managed by Amazon. Just getting started on Amazon within the last few weeks and being invited by Walmart and others to apply for inclusion in brick-and-mortar stores is keeping the company on track for growth.

The Solution

When Jim Nico, CEO asked an Amazon Associate why Kapazation, LLC and No Slip Hair Ties were chosen as the one, in a thousand considered, he replied: “Your No Slip Hair Ties are a disruptive product in a commoditized market.” In late May, Kapazation, LLC will be supplying No Slip Hair Ties as gifts for attendees at a prestigious event at the United Nations celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

A Customer Story

With No Slip Hair Ties, which are one-size-fits-all, now on the market, there is really no need to buy different sizes of clear metal-free ties. And because these hair ties stay in one place comfortably and don’t hurt or pull hair when removed, they are strong enough for athletes, and gentle enough for children. You can access Walmart and Amazon easily via our website.

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