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NO FAIRYTALE: Trashmitter will turn Common Trash into CryptoCash

What is Trashmitter?

TRASHMITTER is "Uber for Trash" disguised inside a game where anyone with a smartphone can earn cash or rewards by simply collecting trash and litter. The app will revolutionize the Waste Management Industry by empowering users to financially profit from assisting with waste disposal and helping to eradicate litter globally.

The Current Landscape

Today more than ever, trash and litter have now become an unwelcome presence even in the most pristine locations.

12 steps is the average amount of steps it takes a person to find a piece of litter on the ground.

9 billion tons of that litter ends up in the ocean every year.

11.5 billion dollars is spent every year to clean up litter.

And 25% MORE litter trash has been generated since Covid began. All told, 90% of people surveyed believe that litter is a problem where they live.

While many companies work towards solutions, it remains that until hearts and minds are changed, human behavior does not change.

Company Birth Story

As founder Jason Centeno puts it, “One day I just got really pissed off about the ridiculously complex trash problems I was having with some Airbnb’s. This frustration simmered inside me. Then in 2021 I met my future co-founder Jared Yellin in a Clubhouse room where we hit it off. Already a successful company founder himself, Jared challenged me to really get granular on my solution and then pitch the idea to the team who would tell me truthfully if it had legs. Long story short, they loved it, and we agreed to partner up. The result? Trashmitter.”

The Solution

People know they shouldn’t litter or let trash pile up, yet they still do for a variety of reasons, highest among them not being able to dispose of refuse quickly or conveniently. But no one likes being nagged about it either. So rather than guilt tactics or government fines, Trashmitter incentivizes desirable behaviors through a platform where users can compete, learn, and earn alongside peers.

Trashmitter’s primary differentiator is how it crowdsources, gamifies, and monetizes trash collection. Trashmitter democratizes the Waste Management industry in a way that financially rewards open systems and collaboration over closed systems and competition in order to solve a global crisis. This is important as the demand for plastic recycling services and landfill resources are being stretched past their limits with no signs of slowdown. With blockchain technology Trashmitter can assign values and create utility tokens from users actions, creating an entire social impact economy where environmental impact is tracked and rewarded.

A Customer Story

Rafi Spero

I have been using Trashmitter services for almost 6 months now. We were one of Jason's first customers. The service has been game changer for us. It has made operating our properties so much easier and made our neighbors happy by preventing excess garbage build up on the streets. I highly recommend working with Jason. Feel free to private message me for more info

(Owner of Short Term Rental Company, TEMPD)

Jamie Colleen

Thanks to Trashmitter we have been able to operate more efficiently. His service is a serious game-changer. We are so grateful to be working with Jason and his team. I highly recommend using his services!

(Owner of Cleaning Company)

Nicolas Hurtado

I’m signing up, our company partnered with Jason’s company, they have made our job so much easier and more efficient by helping us take care of our Client’s units. Client satisfaction has improved, while the headaches of trash management are a thing of the past!

(Owner of Cleaning Company)

Jerard Adams

Really helpful and to the task. Definitely recommend to others!

(Short Term Rental Owner)

The Team Culture

From Sweepers to Green Teams, Transmitter is not just a network of Uberized “garbage collectors”, it's much more than that. Founder and 23 year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Department Jason Centeno compares Trashmitter culture to that of First Responders. “We aren’t just trash guys, we’re Eco-Medics! First Responders to the planet. Like Paramedics, we get there fast, solve the immediate problem by removing it, and taking it to the place where the experts handle it from there. I like to say we’re Father God’s answer to Mother Nature’s call for help.”

A Founder Quote

"Don't question why something isn't if you aren't willing to create something that IS." - Jason Centeno

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Great article and I agree 1000%! This would be a great service to get the volunteers at Keep Phoenix Beautiful to use and promote!


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