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New product uses eye movement to catch impaired drivers and workers.

What Gaize does

Gaize is an automated impairment testing device that uses eye movement analyzed by machine learning to detect impairment.

The Current Landscape

Cannabis is being legalized at a rapid pace, but no testing device for impaired drivers or workers exists. This has led to unsafe roads and unsafe workplaces. Law enforcement and business owners both have well founded fears of legal marijuana since they can’t do their jobs without a way to detect impairment from the substance.

Gaize has two broad categories of competitors. First, those that quantify THC in the body. This is something that every cannabis researcher in the country, as well as the governmental agencies have said is not the right path forward because of how THC works in the body. Those competitors include a few companies in saliva, blood, and breath testing. The second category of competitor are those that, like Gaize, are working to measure the impact of cannabis on the body. While there are a few of these competitors, none are doing what Gaize is doing.

Company Birth Story

Founder, Ken Fichtler, led the Governor's Office of Economic Development in Montana just prior to starting Gaize. In that role, he was exposed to the public sector's concerns with legalizing recreational cannabis. The lack of a technology solution to detect impaired drivers was front and center for law enforcement and business owners. Fichtler immediately saw that this was a massive opportunity, so he jumped back into the private sector to work on it. Since then, Gaize has raised seed capital, and has been building the product, testing, and validating it with customers. The company launched the first version of their product at a law enforcement conference in early summer 2022.

The Solution

Gaize is the only scientifically valid cannabis impairment test. Since THC cannot simply be measured in the body to determine the impairment being experienced, Gaize has taken a markedly different approach. The company runs an automated eye test in a VR headset and captures high-accuracy eye movement data throughout the process. Using machine learning, the company can then evaluate the data to classify and quantify the impairment being experienced by the user.

A Customer Story

Legalizing cannabis is logical in many ways - it's less harmful to both users and society than alcohol. That said, it has historically been extremely challenging for law enforcement to detect and prosecute cannabis impaired drivers. Likewise, it's nearly impossible for business owners and managers, who need to keep their workplace safe from marijuana impairment. Gaize is a self-contained, portable, objective, and high-accuracy way to detect cannabis impairment. This technology will save lives by ensuring that workplaces and roads can be kept free from cannabis impairment.

A founder quote

“I’ve found that I’m happiest when working on a problem that really matters. Gaize will save lives, and facilitate the safe legalization of cannabis.” – Ken Fichtler, Founder and CEO

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