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Narcissist Exposed raising awareness and combatting narcissistic abuse

What is Narcissist Exposed?

Narcissist Exposed, LLC helps family lawyers get to truth in high conflict divorces. Their software looks at data sourced from discovery to paint a picture of a high conflict personality's lies, avoiding trial and achieving a settlement.

Current industry landscape

Around 20% of divorces are high conflict, leading to around 150,000 cases each year. A data-driven approach has previously only been accessible to high net worth individuals, who's legal counsel would hire forensic accountants and teams of paralegals to sort through data. Small family lawyers don't have the time or resources to manually port through hundreds (if not thousands) of documents, meaning high conflict personalities often succeed in court (or at least drag the other party through a very expensive trial). As a practicing family law judge told the founders, there's simply a lack of awareness and training in the court system to recognize high conflict behaviors.

How Narcissist Exposed was created

As a child, the founder's father went through a high conflict divorce. Things were messy; and as a child, he was constantly being used as a pawn by the high conflict personality. He was isolated from his friends, extended family, and trusted adults. He was shocked that a parent could be so cruel to their children. When he and his father dove more into this issue, they found millions have gone through a similar thing. High conflict personalities are pervasive in their society, and they figured the time is now to start innovating.

The company vision

Narcissist Exposed recently completed their core software implementation. While they aren't a SaaS product, they do use software as an aid. Instead of having a group of people sift through papers, frantically trying to see the big picture, Narcissist Exposed's programs parse through, validate, and highlight the story. They started and grew a weekly 500-person support group, which now helps us identify patterns of behaviors in real cases. They see a future where people are aware of high conflict personalities and have the tools to break free from them.

A quote from the founder

"Attorneys care most about achieving positive legal outcomes for their clients. We're about giving small family lawyers a leg up so that they can best stand up for their clients."

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