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Mystery Trip: The Team Bonding Company Disrupting the Industry

What the company does?

Mystery Trip is a team bonding event planning company that creates unique and custom-made experiences for clients. The mystery is that none of the guests know where they're going, or what they're doing until they get there.

The Current Landscape

The events industry obviously took a huge hit during the pandemic. Mystery Trip - along with many others - pivoted online to host virtual events. Now though, as people start heading back to their offices, companies are trying to re-establish cultural norms and there has been an increased demand for reconnecting with co-workers (or even meeting some for the first time!).

For companies that are staying remote, virtual events will continue to be a viable option to stay connected and bonded, too.

Company Birth Story

Mystery Trip was started by Dave Green as an annual summer party that grew out of curiousity to explore the undiscovered parts of Los Angeles. As word started getting out, he began getting requests to host private and corporate events, was featured in LA Weekly's "Best of"issue, and was awarded the inaugural grant from the Awesome Foundation's LA chapter (awarded to people who make their city a little bit more awesome). It was a side hustle for about six years until he was able to pivot it into a full-time endeavor in 2016.

Clients now include Google, Comcast, Facebook, IMEX, YouTube, SpaceX, Red Bull, Connect, AirBnB, Netflix, Twitch, NBCUniversal, Lyft, Kaiser Permanente, Cisco, Tiffany and hundreds more.

The Solution

Imagine not knowing you're about to recreate the "We Are the World" video in the same studio where it was originally recorded, or your team was going to create a fake sitcom intro, or doing a flash mob on Venice Beach with 100 of your co-workers. We've also created regattas, done graffiti murals on the side of a city building, city-wide scavenger hunts, and many other unique experiences.

Besides continuing to expand our database of unique experiences that we’re known for, we have decided to focus on building out a variety of new offerings that focus on health and well-being. COVID, and the inherent stressors and pressures it created on a daily basis, has challenged all of us, and we want to help people get re-centered again as they head back to the office. From yoga on the beach to drum circles to breathwork classes, we feel these are ideal activities to help jump-start their journey.

A founder quote

“Although it’s mostly seen as an afterthought, team bonding is fundamental to a company’s success and should be managed, maintained and cultivated as much as any other metric.” - Dave Green, Chief Mysterious Officer/Founder

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