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Mys Tyler is the game-changing fashion styling app for every body

What Mys Tyler does

Mys Tyler is a fashion app helping women feel more confident in their clothes. Powered by AI and fashion contributors, Mys Tyler serves up body-relevant advice, content, and product recommendations helping users find clothes that fit, style outfits, and view fashion on a body like theirs.

The Current Landscape

Most people can relate to feeling more comfortable and confident when they like what they’re wearing, but the process of knowing what items to try on, how to style them, and what outfits suit which occasions comes a lot more naturally to some people than others.

Traditionally, women have turned to fashion advertising for inspiration, but most models don’t look like most women (Mys Tyler research revealed that 81% of women don’t feel represented). As a result, nearly 40% of clothes bought online are returned.

Social Commerce is growing at 32% CAGR, allowing people to find a greater volume of inspiration from millions of creators of different heights, shapes and sizes to see how different people are styling outfits. But none of the platforms that exist (Instagram, LTK, Shopstyle) allow you to search or find creators that look similar, so it’s still a guessing game where users are forced to imagine how items will fit them. And most women still find it hard to feel represented in social media leading to negative body image.

Company Birth Story

Sarah, the founder and CEO, was living in New York, working in Telecommunications, and wishing she had a personal stylist. She knew that she felt more confident when she liked what she was wearing, but found the process of shopping, trying things on and styling outfits overwhelming. She turned to Instagram to see what influencers were wearing, but the problem was that it was hard to find anyone with her same height and size, and things on women with different bodies, looked different on her. She wished there was a way to find influencers with a similar body already doing the job of shopping, trying things on and styling outfits for her. She registered the domain back in 2014 and had been working on it in the background for years before she joined a startup incubator and started building the technology and platform in 2020.

The Solution

Mys Tyler is a mobile app that allows users to complete a quick body quiz, to discover creators who have a similar height, shape and size. This allows them to see fashion on a body like theirs, see what sizes creators are wearing, and have more fit confidence when they purchase. To date, returns of clothing purchased through Mys Tyler is less than 5%, nearly 10x lower than industry average.

The platform also helps women feel included in the world of fashion, 86% of Mys Tyler users are more body confident, by seeing a diversity of bodies, and bodies like them.

Their latest feature offers users body-relevant styling advice and product recommendations, powered by generative AI, their proprietary FIT Algorithm and community of fashion contributors.

A founder quote

We know how important fashion is for our mental health. While only 1 in 4 women describe themselves as body confident, 89% feel more body confident as soon as they like what they are wearing. We would hope that all women were wearing things they liked every day, but they aren’t, because finding clothes that fit is really hard, and knowing how to style them can be intimidating for many women. We believe, connecting women to creators who are body-relevant, age-relevant and style-relevant is a powerful way to solve this.

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