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Moving Aviation out of the Yellow Pages and Fax Machines

The Current Landscape

As unbelievable as it might seem, companies looking to buy aircraft parts have to look in Yellow Page like directories, send emails and make calls to negotiate price, review all the relevant documentation, and then finally pay an invoice to have a part shipped, in order to repair an airplane in which time is critical to get off the ground.

There are competitors such as ILS Mart and AeroXChange, but they don’t add true value and customer service to companies. They have operated this way for numerous years, and the industry unfortunately is numb to this ancient process.

Companies have been used to this for years, and as a result of a lack of a better option, they are numb to this process. In a way it’s very bizarre, as these same individuals leave their offices and on their free time purchase things on Amazon, eBay, and other online websites, looking at pictures, reviewing YouTube video reviews, and reading forums.

Company Birth Story

One afternoon, a US customer needed a valve to be installed on their plane. After 2.5 hours of making calls and sending emails, finally one vendor had the part that seemed to be the perfect one. When the vendor sent over the documentation of the unit quality control realized did not have the proper documentation to be installed in a US plane.

The sad reality is that this is very common and occurs often. It’s 2022, there HAS to be a better way of going through this process. Aviation is taken for granted, and with so much complexities and regulations this further adds to higher costs as airlines struggle to survive and operate.

The Solution

Avatrade Marketplace is a transparent solution, where companies

can review all the documentation up front (save time), and purchase

the parts directly from the true owner (avoid markups).

The company is focused on providing true customer service, by

helping sellers structure, upload and organize all their information to

attract new buyers. There is a dedicated customer success team,

which gives customers tailored support to their needs.

For buyers, Avatrade Marketplace also validates all the part

documentation, so that there are no “fake” or what’s known in the

industry as “ghost” listings. This is very common in other


The Team Culture

They are passionate individuals wanting to change aviation. They are very open minded, and value open communication and feedback.

A Founder Quote

  • You don’t know what you don’t know

  • Live as if it were impossible to fail

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