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Move over photos. Maps are coming back

What A Touch of Cotton does

A Touch of Cotton creates custom hand drawn & embroidered maps connecting your favourite places and memories. Maybe it’s a map of a love story. Maybe it’s a road trip. These maps take adventure and puts them on the wall.

The Current Landscape

It’s not revolutionary to map out iconic places, or even personalise a map. However, A Touch of Cotton takes this a step further. Megan digs into nostalgia and not only hand draws these personal memories, but embroiders them on paper. The result? A tactile, and visually pleasing memory for this wall. There’s no digital downloading here – this is old school magic.

Company Birth Story

A Touch of Cotton started during Megan’s maternity leave as a chance to travel over some of her past and current escapades. She found that often, a single photo wasn’t enough to capture the adventure - she needed a whole map. Not the sort of map that helps Grandma get to the shops, but the sort of map that lives only in your head.

In her family adventures, they’ve re-named streets, coined picnic spots and invented some quirky characters along the way – The maps became a way to put that memory on paper (and on the wall).

The Solution

Megan is building a collection of gifts that someone can cherish for years. A Touch of Cotton aims to be low impact on the environment by creating long lasting illustrations, replacing the consumerism of unwanted gifts. Megan just starting this amazing journey, but the reaction from customers and followers alike has been incredible.

The Team Culture

Megan is a sole trader and founder of A Touch of Cotton. In her other lives she’s a Mother and Project Manager. This business was born as a little refuge between these two worlds.

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