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Moss Pure Uses the Benefits of Live Moss to Improve Your Health Without Any Watering Needed

What Moss Pure does

Moss Pure is the first and only company to use live moss wall decor in a multi-layered design to improve air quality and provide therapeutic relief, while being an aesthetically pleasing decor piece in your home and office. Best of all, Moss Pure’s proprietary design doesn’t need watering or sunlight.

Moss Pure's Current Landscape

Moss Pure was created during a startup challenge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in June 2020, where it won first place (MIT Lebanon Challenge). During the competition, it was realized that most moss wall companies were using preserved moss, which is no longer living. Existing living walls and moss walls used a great amount of water and electricity and were bulky and required time to assemble.

Moss Pure was created as the first and only company to use live moss to do the following:

1) Act as a modern air filter and therapeutic relief device made of live moss that would effectively purify air in any indoor or outdoor space,

2) Sustain live moss within Moss Pure’s product design without needing water, sunlight, or electricity,

3) Provide an aesthetically pleasing design that can be used as a decor piece in your home and office space.

Moss Pure's Solution

1) Moss Pure has certified analytical results showing that in minutes, the air around you is purified from carbon dioxide, metals, toxins, dust, allergens, and other pollutants.

2) Moss Pure’s science includes a multi-layer of eco-friendly materials that both provide the live moss with its needed nutrients so that the moss can survive within the product design. Moss Pure’s engineering works in synergy with moss so that it is able to take its nutrients from the air. Using toxic pollutants as its food source, the live moss therefore becomes the ultimate air filter and does not need watering or sunlight.

3) Biophilic design has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and anxiety when visons of nature are brought into your space. While biophilic design includes the visual sight of nature, Moss Pure engages not only sight, but other senses such as touch and smell to increase the effects of biophilic design.

A Customer Story

“The moss wall frame I ordered doesn’t need any watering or sunlight. I have it hanging in my office and my patients love to touch it on their way out. I’ve gotten many compliments.” – Margaret, Physician, WI

“Moss Pure’s moss wall frames may clear the air and help my asthma, but mostly they’re just beautiful!” - Anonymous,


Moss Pure's Team Culture

Moss Pure’s Founder and CEO, Jamie Mitri, combines her skillsets and interests in both science and art into the creation process of each live moss piece. Engineering and science come into play during the upstream process, where the live moss multi-layered air filter is built. Then, Jamie works with her mother, Charlotte Mitri, an interior designer to build the downstream process. This is where interior design, product design, and even fashion design elements are put into play to create an aesthetically pleasing live moss decor piece for your space.

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