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MoreThanDigital Story: The Way Of Disrupting Industries

What MoreThanDigital does

MoreThanDigital democratizes digital knowledge, offering neutral, comprehensive platforms and solutions to global decision-makers. Fostering a trust-based ecosystem, MoreThanDigital focuses on highly scalable solutions that are always offered in a “Freemium” offerings, so everyone can participate without entry barriers.

MoreThanDigital's Current Landscape

In an industry awash in buzzwords and hype around “digitalisation & innovation”, authenticity is rare and simple solutions are rarer still. Consulting firms, enterprises and even government programs are taking advantage of the hype by offering high-priced consulting- based offerings or non-scalable solutions. Most of the industry is focused on large enterprises and neglects the opportunities for platform-based solutions that could help the masses. With many so- called "principal-agent" issues, where the consultant looking to sell their own advice also advises on which issues should take priority. This leaves most entrepreneurs in the dark and truly neutral feedback is scarce.

Company Birth Story

MoreThanDigital was born out of Benjamin Talin's frustration in 2017. He started a blog to share high-quality, marketing-free knowledge, and the platform quickly grew into a leading knowledge hub for businesses, with thousands of articles in multiple languages. This was the cornerstone of MoreThanDigital's ecosystem for businesses. Today, MoreThanDigital is already helping millions of leaders around the world, and has even become one of the top 15 business platforms of its kind in the world.

The Solution

MoreThanDigital embraces technology and know-how for universal betterment. From a knowledge-sharing platform up until business tools such as MoreThanDigital Insights, an emerging in-depth 360° business analytics platform analysing more than 300+ dimensions of a business. They strive to provide unbiased, comprehensive services to as many people as possible. The emphasis on freemium access clearly sets them apart from other providers, as anyone can access the solutions without barriers to entry.

The Team Culture

The MoreThanDigital team operates under the #bethechange ethos, a testament to its commitment to creating impact at scale. The culture thrives on trust, neutrality, and an ecosystem approach that fosters organizational growth and success because everyone is working toward the same goal.

A founder quote

"Make an unwavering commitment to your vision. Neutrality, loyalty, trust and independence can drive growth, but require rigorous commitment to maintain. Even minor distractions can lead to significant setbacks."

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