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More than just a swimwear brand

What Modest Mermaid does

Modest Mermaid seamlessly mixes fashion and modesty creating a vibrant space for women and girls to feel fabulous while upholding their personal values. Modest Mermaid is not just a swimwear brand, they are a movement that empowers women to celebrate their style and individuality. Their swimwear is fashion-forward and flattering as well as performing well in the water.

The Current Landscape

The modest swimwear industry has grown a lot since Modest Mermaid started 5 years ago. Back then it was hard to find companies that offered fashionable and flattering swimwear. Today there are more players in the industry however they all have a place. There is something for everyone with different price points, level of coverage, styles and quality which is nice to see. All women should have options and finally those who want modest swimwear do.

Company Birth Story

Emily Pask with a background in buying for some of the world's most renowned global fashion brands while living overseas recognised the gap in the modest swimwear market. This led to the birth of Modest Mermaid an Australian brand that's redefining beach and poolside swimwear. Pask would often see women at the beach wearing clothing and when she researched the swimwear options for these women she was shocked to see the lack of options. It was either unflattering black options that were made of poor quality or high end not so modest options at the time. Pask sought out to start a business to give all women opportunities to look and feel amazing.

The Solution

Modest Mermaid is creating access for all girls and women. Women who once watched their families from the sidelines now have access to stylish swimwear enjoying and making precious moments and memories.

Every piece of our range tells a story of unity, empowerment and individuality.

Modest Mermaid sets itself apart from its competitors with their signature A-line swim dresses available in multiple lengths to a range of tops, bottoms and accessories you can mix and match.

Modest Mermaid swimwear is thoughtfully designed to offer women freedom and sun protection, with an added SPF50+ feature. They understand that women have a lot on their plate, so they have made swimwear easy to put on and exceptionally comfortable. Their goal is for women to feel empowered and incredible every time they visit the beach, spending precious moments with their loved ones.

A Customer Story

A lot of times for me to go to the beach with Eva turns out a little uncomfortable, especially that most of the time I am running around her or playing with her…in such times, I always wanted to wear swimwear that provided full coverage and that I looked fashionable in. I recently discovered Modest Mermaid and honestly, this swimwear is what I was looking for.

A founder quote

To experience the world of Modest Mermaid and embrace your style with confidence, explore our range today, and do yourself a favour by trying them out. ✨

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