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MoonBikes, The World’s First Electric Snowbike, is Democratizing Winter Mobility

What MoonBikes does

Moonbikes is the world’s first electric snowbike! Only one-third the size of an average snowmobile, ultra-lightweight and sustainable, MoonBikes’ revolutionary design features a sleek front ski and rear track, providing users the freedom of an e-bike with the power of a motorcycle. When combined with an almost-silent motor, riders are in store for a truly unique experience.

MoonBikes Current Landscape

MoonBikes have received interest from backcountry skiers, tech-lovers, ranch owners, nature enthusiasts, and even ice fisherman. Ultimately the MoonBike is so approachable that anyone can quickly pick it up and feel comfortable riding. In fact, they are finding that this is the first snow vehicle for a lot of customers and it is the only one of its kind on the market. They are easily accessible for purchase through their e-commerce site and had a massive demand for their first season.

MoonBike's Birth Story

The idea for MoonBikes came to Founder Nicolas Muron in the winter of 2014, while visiting family in the French Alps. He noticed that in the winter, mobility is extremely limited but in the summer, there are many more ways to get around, whether by car, bike, skateboard, scooter, and so on. Mobility in the winter seemed too reliant on cars and snowmobiles, which have a large impact on the environment.

With his passion for the outdoors, love for the mountains, and background in aeronautical engineering he decided he wanted to offer a new solution.

He worked on the idea and first prototypes for years, applying his engineering knowledge and love of snowboarding and the outdoors to create what is essentially a hybrid between a snowmobile and an electric bike. After much research and testing, Muron partnered with Michelin and Bosch to build the two first batches of MoonBikes in France to ensure quality and safety and officially launched in 2018.

The Solution

One of MoonBikes’ main goals is to create a new way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. There is certainly a utility function with the bikes and the company has seen numerous ski resorts, and other businesses, using it for on-mountain maintenance and other services. While there are numerous functions the bikes can serve, so far customers just love being on them because they are fun!

While there are numerous differences between the MoonBikes and Timbersleds, or other snow vehicles, the biggest differences come in the form of ease of use, the lack of emissions, and the quiet ride provided.

The Team Culture

MoonBikes opened its HQ in Boulder in December 2021 because of its startup culture and proximity to the mountains. It also has deep roots in the outdoor industry and technology, so it suits the brand well. The team is passionate about the outdoors, innovative tech solutions and sustainability and continues to grow in the U.S.

A founder quote

“One of my goals when creating MoonBikes was to discover a way to have fun in winter and embrace the joy of the outdoors. I wanted the snowbikes to appeal to mountain lovers as the ultimate fun adventure experience while on the trail—solo with nature or with friends and family.” - Nicolas Muron

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