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Modest Mermaid - Mixing Fashion with Modesty

What is Modest Mermaid?

Modest Mermaid mixes fast fashion with modesty to allow women to feel and look great while maintaining modesty. Their swimwear is fashionable and flattering which sets them apart from competitors as well as performing well in the water.

The Current Landscape

There’s a huge market of 500MM+ women who are looking for fashionable and modest swimwear and clothing options. These are primarily religious women who need to cover up but have very few options that are both fashionable and modest. There are players in the market offering modest swimwear but often lacking the ‘modest’ element with dresses being too short or too fitted. The difference with Modest Mermaid swimwear is they are known for their classic A line shape, which means the dresses/skirts fall out at the hips (an area most women feel self conscious about) and are flattering and non clingy, Modest Mermaid also injects beautiful prints and colors into their range which is lacking in the industry.

Company Birth Story

The company was started in 2018 by Emily Pask who had 18 years experience working in fashion buying for some of the largest companies in the world in Australia, London and Hong Kong. The gap in the market became apparent to Pask post having her first daughter when she was looking for more modest swimwear options to suit her post baby body. She noticed a huge gap in the market for fashionable and flattering modest swimwear utilizing prints and colors with the added benefit of SPF50+. Pask set out to design and create a range of swim dresses to meet this gap that started from humble beginnings of one swim dress and has now grown to swim dresses in three lengths catering to all women's needs as well as swim tops, sets, skirts and accessories.

The Solution

Modest Mermaid is sold in 10 countries worldwide with an ever expanding range which now includes 7 sizes for women from S-4XL. They have recently also started selling on The Iconic Australia’s go to online fashion and lifestyle retailer. They have a new range coming out in June which expands on their separate range that has been a best seller with more tops, skirt options. There is a vision for a girls range too in the not too distant future.

A Customer Story

Customers are so excited when they find Modest Mermaid and become repeat customers and advocates telling family and friends about the brand. Pask has been inundated with stories from women thanking her for what she offers as they for the first time can go in the water and swim with their kids and look and feel amazing.

Modest Mermaid has a bright future ahead. They have really nailed their offering and customers are loving the brand.

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