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Modernizing period care with Orchyd

What is Orchyd?

Orchyd is a gender inclusive overall health tracking app that never sells data and is completely customizable to the user. They also offer telemedicine at $29 per visit with no insurance needed, lower than the national copay because everyone should have access to the care they need.

What is happening in the industry?

The current landscape of the gender inclusive health industry is there are long wait times, and if you don't have insurance the costs can add up quickly. Health care is also not accessible for everyone, so having 24/7 telemedicine feature right on everyone's phones gives the patient control of their health and when they should seek health advice. A lot of healthcare apps also sell users personal health data, however a lot of users would rather keep their information private. With Orchyd, they never sell data, and let the user control how much they want to share with their family.

The establishment of Orchyd

Orchyd was founded by two sisters, Courtney and Morgan King, because they were frustrated with not having accessible care when they needed, not having doctors listen to their concerns, and having to pay outrageous insurance bills. They also are big advocates for accessible care for all, no matter your gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, etc., and want to provide care through their company.

How does Orchyd work?

Orchyd is the first gender inclusive healthcare app where it is completely customizable to the user. Users can track any and every sypmtom they would like, they can color customize their app, they can share their information with as much family as they like, or can keep their health tracking private. Orchyd also offers 24/7 telemedicine in the app at $29 per visit, with no insurance needed ever and that is lower than the national copay, helping people from every ethnicity and socioeconomic background gain health advice when they need it most, because sometimes health issues can't wait long wait times at urgent care or wait weeks for a traditional appointment.

A customer experience

"Love the ease of the app and how specific the product is in tracking all the features of my cycle, especially the reminders to track because of how busy I am with work and school. I haven't used the two complimentary tele-appointments yet, but have peace of mind knowing I can use them at any time given how long it takes to get an in person appointment, even with insurance! The purse itself is very cute and still discreet, but well made and sturdy enough for hitting anyone who may get on your nerves when your hormones are acting up!"

The Orchyd team

The Orchyd team culture is very open to welcoming conversations that can be uncomfortable to many, such as discussing sexual wellness and menstruation. These topics are essential with the company because it helps the team understand what consumers need, but are afraid to bring up or talk about. The Orchyd team also connects with their audience through a community app, because they believe hearing from their audience directly is imperative to their structure of Orchyd, because they want Orchyd to feel like an allyship rather than a business partnership. Orchyd also welcomes all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds because everyone deserves healthcare and a community where they are supported and heard. The Orchyd team leaves work knowing they are making an impact in people's lives through health, community, and allyship.

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