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Mindful Travel as a Force for Good

What the company does

Postcard Travel is a media and representation platform for hotels and tours that support the local community and promote responsible tourism. The company brings together a global community of mindful travellers and connects them with like-minded hotels and tours in an effort to advance mindful and sustainable travel.

The Current Landscape

There is a growing interest globally among travellers to go on tours and stay in hotels that support local communities and promote responsible tourism. According to, 83% of travellers think sustainable travel is vital, three quarters believe they have to act now to save the planet for future generations.

There is a new generation of hotels and travel designers that offer immersive experiences through tours and hotel stays that invite travellers to explore destinations with local stories in mind. These brands support the local community through their work and share a passion to promote responsible tourism.

This is a new form of mindful travel, one that is different from the conventional travel itineraries that take people on trips to get selfies and check off bucket-lists.

Company Birth Story

Postcard was started as a microblogging platform for personal stories in September 2020. After spending time connecting with hoteliers and travel designers in the industry that were promoting this new form of mindful travel, Amit Jaipuria (founder) was inspired to pivot the company to help these companies succeed. The latest product was launched in September of 2022 with a vision to build the world’s largest collection of stories of people and places by bringing together like-minded companies that supported the local communities and promoted responsible tourism.

The Solution

As a global media and representation company for mindful travel, the company is bringing together a global collective of hoteliers and travel designers to promote mindful travel and responsible tourism. Like-minded hoteliers and travel designers apply to join the platform by paying an annual fee and get listed on the Postcard platform and access to authoring tools with which to publish their stories. These are local stories from their destinations about their people, culture, history, food, nature and wildlife. These stories are then presented to a global community of mindful travellers who can now connect with the partners for enquiries and bookings. Unlike typical directories, Postcard brings the local stories front and centre for the travellers to first be inspired by the local narratives and then connect with the company for their trip.

Since its launch in September 2022, the company has brought on board tours and hotels from over 15 countries and are continuing to grow their portfolio of stories and partners. Their mission is to publish the world’s largest collection of stories of people and places and find ways to promote hotels and tours that support the local community and promote responsible tourism.

A Customer Story

While Postcard is still pre-revenue since its launch, the company partners with hotels and tours that have a direct impact on their local communities. The Pashmina Trail in Ladakh for example supports the local nomads of the region through profit sharing and the tour of Sierra Leone offers its travellers an option to donate blood or funds to a local hospital to support the local community and uplift local lives.

The Team Culture

The core team is led by visionaries that have come together to change the world through travel. Founded by Amit Jaipuria and a team of passionate technologists, marketing and media specialists, they seek to uplift lives around the world and create an environment for travellers to have the opportunity to travel with more meaning, open hearts and minds and appreciate the diversity the planet has to offer.

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