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Merge Impact’s Quest to Eliminate Greenwashing Through Transparency

What Merge Impact does

Merge Impact is accelerating a climate-positive food future and strengthening confidence in brands’ climate claims by simplifying field-level measurement, streamlining claims verification, ensuring data credibility, and bringing radical transparency to supply chains. The company is a transparent bridge of sustainability information from farmers to food brands to consumers.

Merge Impact Current Landscape

The verified data space in sustainable food/agriculture is segmented. Many folks are looking at small pieces of the puzzle but not the big picture. Merge is working with food brands to help them find regenerative, organic, sustainable farmers for their supply chain, but they are also working with farmers and helping them understand what to measure and how to track and monetize their sustainability efforts. This solution will lead to fully transparent supply chains from farm to fork AND eliminate the possibility of greenwashing.

Company Birth Story

Ben Adolph was an agronomist from IL who spent most of his career trying to convince his dad and brother to update their conventional farming methods. Focused on integrating ecosystem health with agriculture production, Ben found a passion for data analytics and exploring the connections between farmers and consumers. Beth Robertson-Martin spent over a decade in organic sourcing at General Mills. She brings extensive and deep industry relationships with food suppliers, manufacturers, and farmers, enabling her to create new alliances and break down barriers to assist food brands in demonstrating their commitment to a climate-positive future. She is committed to establishing a clear farm-to-shelf path, bridging food brands to suppliers and farmers while delivering transparency and accountability to consumers. Together they form the perfect union to address the full spectrum of challenges facing our current food supply chain participants in sustainability and resilience.

The Solution

Merge Impact is the most comprehensive data solution helping farmers and brands build ethical, sustainable, and transparent food systems. Merge provides ways to:

  • MEASURE — the environmental impact of food and crop production, from water to carbon to biodiversity.

  • VERIFY — Blockchain technology ensures the credibility of the food supply chain and brands’ environmental and sustainability claims.

  • CONNECT — Merge Impact connects brands and regenerative farmers so that they can create positive climate impact.

  • CREATE — A radically transparent food economy that ensures all stakeholders — Earth, farmers, consumers and brands — benefit from verified regenerative practices.

Founded on the farm, Merge Impact also delivers a simple, fast and cost-effective way for farmers to measure and monetize the impacts of their regenerative practices. With the click of a button, farmers can maximize the value of their regeneratively grown crops and carbon sequestration through field-level measurement, ecosystem services, and a marketplace that connects them with brands and carbon markets. With Merge Impact, farmers retain ownership of their blockchain-authenticated field data, which can be shared, transferred and monetized at their discretion.

The co-founders of Merge Impact are deeply passionate and knowledgeable about building a sustainable food supply chain that is traceable, verifiable, scalable, and provides credible data the industry needs to achieve its climate goals.

A Customer Story

Jessen Wheat Company works with Merge Impact to prioritize sustainability and social practices that align with environmental/climate impact. Merge is helping JWC understand what to track, assists in tracking it, quantifies and qualifies the data with third-party certification/verification, and then helps market/monetize this information to potential customers.

Clint Jessen, CEO of JWC says: ”Jessen Wheat Company uses Merge because the new way of farming in the 21st century requires us to look at our impact and our practices on the soil, environment and climate. We have to be progressive in our thinking on the farm level to be sustainable long term.”

Farmers often don’t have time or energy to add “one more thing” to their plates, so Clint is grateful to Merge for making sense out of an ever-changing sustainability landscape. He says: “Merge helps us with a blueprint that turns sustainability “buzzwords” into a clear translation. Merge takes the process a step further by helping to implement proper farming practices, along with third-party data collection that proves what we are doing is working, then marketing that to potential customers. All of this turns buzzwords into profitability at the farm level, which we can easily see in our bottom line. This allows the consumer to know for sure that they, in turn, are getting what they pay for in the end. With all the other responsibilities we as farmers already have, Merge allows us to focus on what we need to accomplish while they focus on the data, verification and marketing process to get our farmers paid for the needed practices and products we produce.”

The Team Culture

The core team at Merge Impact is comprised of individuals dedicated to transforming the food supply chain. Co-Founder Ben Adolph, an agronomist from IL , focused on integrating ecosystem health with agriculture production.. Co-Founder Beth Robertson-Martin, with her extensive experience in organic sourcing at General Mills, is adept at forging new alliances to support food brands' commitment to a climate-positive future. Product Manager Jonathon Phillips leverages his expertise to assist growers in enhancing their agricultural data's utility, transparency, and ease of use. Together, they share a strategic vision to reshape the food industry, exemplified by their entrepreneurial spirit in integrating technological innovations to increase supply chain transparency and create meaningful change. This powerful trio encapsulates Merge Impact's ethos, driving the company towards a more regenerative and equitable food future.

Merge Impact is firmly grounded in its core values of Transparency, Equity, Well-being, Integrity, Scientific Conviction, Psychological Safety, Emotional Courage, and Virtual Engagement. These principles, particularly the emphasis on Proof of Origination and Impact, shape a culture of trust and clarity. Merge Impact consistently provides opportunity and access for all, prioritizes people-centric solutions, and upholds the highest ethical standards in evidence-based decision-making. Their culture encourages open communication and emphasizes virtual engagement to connect with their global team and clients. This future-forward approach drives the company's momentum and impact.

A founder quote

"My journey at Merge Impact has been a profound synthesis of my passion and professional experience. We're not just creating a platform here, we're fostering a movement. Together, we're building a transparent, accountable, and ultimately more regenerative food system because sustainable is no longer good enough. The opportunity to drive this transformative change towards a climate-positive future is not just immensely rewarding, but also a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives within our team." Beth Robertson-Martin

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