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Menopause is Not Women’s Business, It’s All Our Business

What is Meno Collective?

Meno Collective partners with workplaces to provide menopause education and resources so companies can reap the cultural and financial rewards of being a truly inclusive workplace. They call that being menopause friendly. It makes total business sense.

Meno Collective love helping businesses become menopause friendly, so they are “compliant” and supportive for female employees. That way women and workplaces thrive together.

Meno Collective explores the social, financial, and ethical implications of menopause at work to turn these into an opportunity for the whole workforce.

The Current Landscape

Over 90% of menopausal women find work is negatively impacted by symptoms of menopause. Menopause typically occurs when women are stepping into leadership roles. Women are underrepresented in most industries. Over 80% of women fear disclosing menopause status at work or asking for support. Less than 5% of workplaces provide menopause support.

Women take sick leave and quit jobs due to symptoms of menopause. Workplaces loose talent and knowledge incurring financial and legal risk. Workplace menopause-related discrimination is on the rise and needs to be addressed.

Women are being sold menopause products constantly. Education and knowledge are empowering. Menopause is one of the remaining workplace taboos. The irony being that half of the workforce will experience menopause. All women are affected by it in some way. Menopause impacts everyone. Menopause is an emerging segment in the workplace wellness industry.

The United Kingdom are leading the way in making the workplace environment more menopause supportive to retain talent and avoid menopause-related discrimination. In Australia and New Zealand, the conversation about menopause at work is just beginning.

Company Birth Story

Founded by Melissa MacGowan after she quit her corporate career to improve her health after struggling with burnout and the early onset of menopause at 44. Melissa realised there was a total lack of awareness on the many impacts of menopause at work and decided to do something to change that.

Melissa wishes she had known more about menopause. She wants women and workplaces to be aware and prepared. She is passionate about educating and empowering women and workplaces. She challenges the wider world to view menopause as a wellbeing, commercial and cultural workplace opportunity.

The Solution

Their approach is unique. They combine 20 years of commercial Human Resources and coaching expertise with accredited Menopause programs and material endorsed by independent and highly credible medical experts. All of this is underpinned with extensive organisational and leadership development capability.

Meno Collective helps workplaces become menopause friendly to improve cultural and commercial outcomes. The first step is a Menopause at Work Awareness Session to understand menopause and how work is impacted so managers understand and can provide support whilst minimising discrimination risks.

Meno Collective offers an 8 week Program to supports female leaders reduce menopause symptoms so they can thrive in their career and their personal life. Expert menopause support is one of the best things a woman can do to protect her midlife career.

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