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Meet GetMyBoat - The World’s Largest Boat Rental and Water Experience Marketplace

What is GetMyBoat?

GetMyBoat makes the joys of being on the water more affordable and accessible, by making it easy to find and book boat rentals, charters, and water experiences. Find everything from luxury yachts to budget-friendly kayaks, and book it all on your phone with the GetMyBoat app for iOS and Android. Connect directly to boat owners and charter captains to book the perfect day on the water.

The Current Landscape

In the past two years alone, GetMyBoat has seen 10X net revenue growth as the demand for outdoor experiences surged due to the pandemic. Boating has stood out as a great social distancing activity, and as consumers have realized how easy it is to find and book boats, GetMyBoat has grown to support not only renters in their quests to find the best boat days on their vacations and staycations, but also to support boat owners and boat charter operators as they grow their businesses and look for easy ways to book a new customer demographic, who would rather communicate and book with a mobile app.

Company Birth Story

GetMyBoat began when serial entrepreneurs and co-founders Sascha Mornell and Rafael Collado were out on the water. They noticed all the boats sitting unused in dock slips at marinas. They asked themselves, & How can more people gain access to great boating experiences for less? A few years

later and with the emergence of the sharing economy, Sascha and Rafael brought GetMyBoat to life.

Founded initially as a boat rental marketplace, GetMyBoat has grown to offer every type of on-the- water experience – from whale watching tours and eco-kayaking trips to houseboat rentals and private sailing lessons. The company’s goal is to help people of every age, background, and budget to experience everything the water has to offer in a fun, safe way.

Before GetMyBoat, the boat charter industry was an extremely fragmented market and was inaccessible to most of the public. In many cases, the only access to boats was via a travel agent, two levels removed from the boat owner. In addition to this, the boating industry has been steadily declining and failing to bring in a new generation of boaters. This failure is unfortunate because boating is one of the best ways to have memorable experiences, and it shouldn't be difficult to find, book, and enjoy.

GetMyBoat created a platform to connect people that are looking to get out on the water with charter boat businesses that need customers.

The Solution

GetMyBoat has the mission of making boating more accessible and affordable to all. While other booking sites exist, many focus on a luxury angle or are not specific to boating and water experiences. GetMyBoat is the most comprehensive platform for booking boat rentals at all price points, offering a seamless customer experience, a 24/7 customer service team, and more

options than any other service. With 150,000 boat rentals and water experiences in 9,300 destinations across 184 countries, you can find something in almost any corner of the world. As of February 2022, GetMyBoat has secured $21M in Series B Funding and achieved over 10X net revenue growth.

A Customer Story

“We had a wonderful experience on Captain John Kemper‘s boat. My husband and I spent our third wedding anniversary on his boat touring the Potomac River of DC. John has a lovely boat with all the needed amenities. He was very personable and accommodating. We were able to have a romantic dinner on the water while taking in the lovely scenic views.” – GetMyBoat Renter in Washington D.C.

The Team Culture

GetMyBoat has an amazing company culture and was a fully remote company long before the pandemic. The company has always supported a flexible work-from- anywhere lifestyle. GetMyBoat has employees who enjoy working while traveling around Europe, Asia, and Australia. The executive team is supportive, committed to listening to feedback and has the goal of building a company that is the best place that anyone has ever worked. GetMyBoat has a globally distributed, diverse team of amazing individuals who share a common goal of creating the best platform for booking boat rentals and water experiences.

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