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Measure Burnout and Wellbeing in Emails and Chat Messages

What the company does?

Erudit empowers organizations to understand the true needs and motivations of their workforce and provide appropriate support and leadership. Erudit’s psychologists and machine learning engineers developed AI tech that measures burnout risk, engagement, and more from organic, real-time textual communication, such as emails and chat messages. All without the surveys.

The Current Landscape

While there are a number of HR tools that utilize artificial intelligence technology, HR analytics are still based on survey results and industry benchmarks. Surveys are still the main source of information for wellbeing metrics and drivers, despite being costly, time consuming, and unreliable. A response rate of 60% to 70% for an employee survey is already considered acceptable, leaving out a big chunk of the workforce. Not to mention, the results are often outdated and responses can be made up. Erudit can change the landscape for HR and People Analytics, producing daily insights and analytics from real-time and organic data.

Company Birth Story

Seeing the sharp rise in cases of burnout and the lack of tools to understand the complexity of the workforce, psychologist and entrepreneur Alejandro Martinez Agenjo teamed up with AI and Mathematics genius Ricardo Michel Reyes to find a solution. What started as an employee personality tool evolved into AI-powered People Analytics Software that allows employers to understand their people like never before.

The Solution

Erudit continues to grow its roster of partnerships and clientele after its launch into the US market in early 2022, now with over 10 users benefiting from the platform. With constant feedback and their commitment to continuous development, Erudit has made major improvements to the platform and recently introduced ‘Insights Report’, a new feature that empowers organizations to adjust team leaders' management and leadership styles according to the true reasons impacting their companies culture and performance.

A Customer Story

Thanks to Erudit’s Insights Report, a client pinpointed two departments suffering from a high risk of burnout and turnover allowing management to focus their efforts. Low engagement was also spotted throughout the organization, prompting company-wide initiatives addressing the issue. This data-driven approach to HR can save the company up to $400,000 a year.

The Team Culture

The 100% remote team is raring to continue developing their technology and providing greater value to people leaders and HR professionals.

A founder quote

“Each workforce, each team, each employee is unique. It’s time we stop basing our management decisions on outdated and faulty survey results,” said Alejandro Martinez Agenzo, CEO and Co- founder of Erudit, “Let’s look at the data to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each workforce. That way, we can better support and empower them.”

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