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Making the Internet Shoppable Everywhere!

What is Shoppable?

Already the go-to provider for global brands, their newest product, Shoppable Instant Shop, makes the same enterprise-level Universal Checkout available to small businesses and everyday influencers and content creators. Individuals can now leverage their product recommendations to set up a pop-up Instant Shop. They can expect the exact same benefits, including a better experience for their shoppers, 100% of their sales commissions, and granular data for their customer relationship management.

Shoppable Instant Shop setup is quick, easy, and enjoyable. Instant Shop owners just type in a product name or UPC code in the search box and select what products to sell.  Photos, pricing, availability, and product descriptions automatically appear. It’s as much fun as finding pins on Pinterest!  On average, a person can construct their Instant Shop and have it ready to produce sales in less than 20 minutes.  The entry-level license is free for 25 products.

Company Birth Story

Before Shoppable, the Internet was a place of online frustration. Back in 2011, founder and CEO Heather Marie Udo was interesting in furnishing her new apartment. She had discovered some amazing décor via her favorite blogs, but no easy way to purchase the items. Heather’s vision, in starting Shoppable, was to bring the functionality of checkout to wherever a consumer is viewing a product.

Current Landscape

Affiliate marketing solutions offered by competitors such as MikMak and PriceSpider involve a link-off to another site to process a sale. Shoppable’s clients, in contrast, are able to keep their shoppers on their own digital channels, using a custom-to-their-trusted-brand landing page/cart.  This bespoke shopping experience includes the brand’s logo as well as the choice of fonts and colors to match the brand’s platform. The result is higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Unlike their competition, Shoppable has integrated merchant partners and a secure API to place orders. This allows the collection of first-party order data as well as shopper behavior analytics. As Google phases out cookies, better consumer data will be required to optimize and personalize eCommerce. Key metrics such as conversion rates, best-selling products, and top retailers are compiled in a real-time online dashboard. Shoppable provides all the information that digital marketers require to build a long- term relationship with their customers.

The Solution

This upgraded functionality was the reason behind the development of Shoppable’s Universal Checkout. To offer a frictionless shopping experience within the sites, online ads, videos, social media, and mobile apps that shoppers visit. Technology that enables having multiple retailers in a single transaction.

There is no jumping from retailer site to retailer site to make purchases. There is no redirection. Shoppers can purchase at their exact point of inspiration. Product pricing and availability are provided before clicking a “Buy” button. Shoppers may further select multiple products, from multiple retailers, and even continue shopping to qualify for free shipping, all, in the exact same cart.

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