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Mailmodo brings life to your email

What is Mailmodo?

Mailmodo is a comprehensive email marketing solution that helps users create and send app-like interactive emails to improve their email conversions. All interactions happen inside the email which eliminates user redirections for a seamless email experience and results in increased conversions.

The current industry landscape

Email marketing is a marketing tool that most marketers use as it gives a massive return on investment of nearly $42 for every dollar invested. The email marketing industry only keeps rising and is even projected to grow 10.5% by 2027.

The email marketing game has been fairly stagnant for quite some time before Google launched a tech feature called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in 2016. Unfortunately, even now in 2021, not a lot of ESPs provide this feature to their customers. And even most of the major players in the email industry are yet to provide the AMP feature.

The birth of the company

AMP for Email, created by Google in 2015, is an open framework under the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) Project that was created to improve the user experience and have smooth web pages.

An AMP email is dynamic so the content in it is updated in real-time, which means that if someone fills out a form in an email, the data will be immediately updated.

The concept of AMP intrigued the founders of Mailmodo and they felt that it could change the marketing game which led to the creation of Mailmodo in 2020.

And that's how Mailmodo, the brainchild of Aquibur, Apurv and Devyesh - a seasoned marketer, a serial entrepreneur and a consummate techie respectively, was born.

The Mailmodo vision

The main aspect that differentiates Mailmodo from its competitors is that it provides AMP powered emails, which allows people to send emails with interactive elements. Interactive elements are components that people can interact with within the email itself. Marketers use these interactive elements to conduct surveys, schedule meetings on Calendly, send abandoned cart emails, etc.

They also provide other features like user journey creation, API integration within the email content, auto-trigger schedule, and integration with other marketing tools and CRM. The best part of Mailmodo is that people don't have to worry about coding the email as everything is provided to them as a drag and drop feature.

Their mission is to streamline the email marketing process and help businesses maximize their conversions. So far, Mailmodo has helped several of their clients like Razorpay, Cleartax, and many others to increase their email conversions by ~3x. And, they are constantly working on ways to improve their client's product experience and help increase their ROI.

Customer experience

Customer: Razorpay

Razorpay’s team wanted to understand their audience’s needs and get their feedback on certain product updates. They wanted to send survey-based email campaigns but noticed that because people get redirected to the website they get distracted and end up not completing the survey process.

They sought to improve the response rate of their survey emails, which is when they came across Mailmodo. They used Mailmodo to send out AMP emails where their subscribers can fill out the surveys inside the mail body rather than being redirected to a different webpage.

The reduction in redirection, due to the use of AMP emails, helped Razorpay achieve a 257% increase in survey responses.

The Mailmodo team

The core team comprises a bunch of marketers, techpreneurs and engineers led by the co-founders Aquibur Rahman, Devyesh Tandon and Apurv Gupta.

“Emails got some much needed innovation when Google released AMP for email and announced that all Gmail clients will support AMP emails. We saw this as an opportunity to create app-like experiences inside emails, making it seamless and frictionless for a user to take a desired action,” said Aquibur Rahman, Co-founder, Mailmodo.


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