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SafetyConnect uses AI to keep your Workers out of Harm's Way

What the Company Does

When they think of a business goal, there is nothing more satisfying and noble than one that contributes toward saving lives. The AI-powered field force driving and Work Safety Suit helps Enterprises reduce lost time, lessen injuries, increase productivity, prevent accidents and analyze at-risk behaviour among other functions, which ultimately translates to saving numerous lives from unprecedented and unwarranted incidents. The driving force behind our company is to help the Health and Safety Heads of Large Enterprises have a peaceful night of sleep by ensuring the safety of their Field Force.

SafetyConnect offers its clients three state-of-the-art technologies to choose from as per the requirements of their industry. The first product is the Driving Safety Application targeting companies where drivers constitute a significant percentage of the field force. It is an AI based application that specializes in tracking and monitoring driving behavior with the primary objective of mitigating accidents caused by unsafe driving practices, thereby, minimizing the occurrences of the company bearing direct and indirect costs of casualties and a decrease in insurance premium. Features such as incident reporting, trip details, individual scoring mechanism, check-lists, knowledge center and the like bestows the application with a unique persona that is guaranteed to aid a hike in employee productivity and retention.

Action Tracking System is the second brainchild of the company, working seamlessly towards building a sustainable culture of safety in a workplace through effective management of corrective and preventive actions. With ATS by their side, any company can reduce their manual interventions while dealing with efficient management of a team and varied tasks. As an alternative, ATS digitalizes communication within the organization for proper delegation of tasks/activities, monitoring of said tasks in real time, identifying and addressing problematic situations to carefully curtail workplace hazards and gain access to pertinent documents and reports, as and when required.

The newest addition to our safety compendium is the Forklift Safety Solution which assures in-plant safety for workers by streamlining and monitoring forklift operations. This product, equipped with a live tracking feature and an alarm to curb accidents, permits the manager to oversee the current status of any warehouse vehicle, identify the usage pattern of the forklifts and examine driving behavior insights. The platform has donned the role of a vigilant hawk, keeping track of what happens within the aisles of a warehouse and offering protection to all.

The Current Landscape

Safety will never go out of fashion. More and more industries are jumping on the bandwagon in order to inculcate safety habits amongst their employees, curate a safety culture for their overall well-being and elevate the company’s profit margin.

The necessity of introducing safety in companies operating with a fleet is increasingly felt as road accidents assume the position as one of the main causes of fatality, amounting to deaths as high as 1.3 million per year. Reports indicate that every twenty seconds of every working minute witnesses the death of someone as a result of an industrial accident, furnishing sufficient grounds for deliberations and initiatives by companies to incorporate safety mechanisms into their operations. Statistics about forklift accidents follow the same tangent of high mortality rate all around the world. The application of Action Tracking Systems specially designed for CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) is gaining momentum at an unprecedented speed with the intention of up surging the quality quotient of products as well as the working environment. In tune with the current safety scenario, AI based software's are being developed and introduced into the industry to tackle this issue. Technology enables companies to analyze the behavioral patterns, counter-productive to safety, of their employees; track the movement of vehicles inside warehouses and in the field;

What competitors exist?

While there exists a few counterparts of our products across countries, Safety Connect is one of the very first cutting edge technologies aimed at workplace and employee safety in India. The USP that sets a apart from their competitors is that we offer different solutions under the banner for workplace safety while our competitors roll out specific solutions aimed at either road safety or forklift safety or plant safety. Cumulatively, the products position the better within the occupational health and safety industry as it broadens the horizon of safety we can offer to our clients.

Company Birth Story

The brainchild of the father-son duo, Deekshith Duvalla and Thanmai Deekshith, at the outset, SafetyConnect started off as IoT Research Labs in 2015 with the a fleet management product which was analytics driven and helped companies optimise their operations. The vehicles were equipped with sensors that monitored factors like fuel, temperature and load and enabled companies to gain necessary insights in order to make the right business decisions. However, being sensitive to the changing circumstances and to offer a more viable solution, SafetyConnect was rolled out in 2020. This driving safety solution was driver oriented and seeked to offer relevant data via an application. With the agenda for agenda high on its mind, SafetyConnect produced two subsequent products. The ATS was a later addition while the Forklift Solution was introduced in 2022.

A deeper dive on what the company is building, how it differs from competitors, success so far, and company vision

The company aims to “help Health and Safety Heads of Large Enterprises have a peaceful night of sleep”. SafetyConnect’s proposed ROI, which ladens it with an upper hand, in comparison to its competitors, are -

  • 20% increase in safety score within 9 months of solution implementation

  • 70% decrease in man-hours lost within 6 months of solution implementation.

  • 73% manjor accident reduction within 6 months of solution implementation

Due to its manifold benefits, SafetyConnect has served around 27 major clients. Despite being a relatively new product, the forklift solution has invited 16 clients. The clientele of the company includes several big names and MNCs ranging from a leading paints company to a food cooperation.

The company’s vision is to achieve ‘Zero Harm’ and help companies curate a proactive safety culture wherein there is double-digit safety metrics improvement month-on-month. The company describes itself as ‘highly passionate about achieving the highest standards of safety for our clients’ by using their cutting edge digital solutions to their advantage. The company’s vision also encompasses the acquisition of 50+ new clients per year and to grow SafetyConnect’s enthusiastic team to 100 by onboarding new employees.

A Customer Story

SafetyConnect’s client, which is a leading fuel dispenser manufacturer, was plagued by numerous major accidents accompanied with humungous lost man-hours and lack of visibility. Within 6 months of implementing the company’s driving safety solution, there was a 73% decrease in accidents and 70% decrease in lost man-hours. With the help of SafetyConnect, the company had garnered visibility to the field employees driving behavior analysis, enhancing operational efficiency, and lowering man-hours, hospitalizations costs, accidents frequency leading to an increase in productivity. The company also recorded visible decrease of the At-Risk behaviours, again within the time frame of 6 months.

Share how the company is changing lives

The company’s motto can be wrapped up in two words - ‘Zero Harm’. They aim to bring about a safe change in the lives of clients. By using our varied applications, our clients have reported success in curating a safe environment for its employees, whether on field or in a warehouse. Apart from monetary benefits, we also help employees on the personal front, saving them from injuries, mental trauma and making sure they go back to their families as a healthy individual. SafetyConnect offers its clients and families a chance at relief, as with our products they are not constantly burdened with the possibilities of a tragedy befalling the employees and/or loved ones.

The Team Culture

The work environment of SafetyConnect is rich and invigorating for all of their employees. The company pays utmost attention to ensuring productivity as well as good health, both physical and mental, for our entire team. They offer an environment which is conducive for their professional and personal growth.

The company has certain policies in place, such as the Open Door Policy permitting cross-departmental transfers, to support a safe working environment and to help employees reach their full potential and build sustained team effort. The team culture is characterized by mutual respect for each individual, integrity, excellence, quality and loyalty. All the different departments - product team, marketing team, sales team, customer success team, customer support team and HR team - all work together like the cogs of a well oiled machine to turn vision of the company into reality.

Novel initiatives have been undertaken to compensate for the remote working set-up. The HR schedules a ‘Friday Catch-Up’ video call every Friday for all the employees to converse with each other, play games, have fun and boost team morale. Workshops on important topics such as time management and teamwork are conducted at regular intervals for better work-life balance and professional performance.

A Founder Quote

“Any service that leads to accelerated growth in efficiency, safety and profit is always worth it. It is high time that we acknowledge the transformation technology has brought about in the field of occupational safety. Our products are carefully designed and undergoes repeated updates to keep in tandem with our clients’ requirements and to meet their safety standards. We seek to work best to our abilities to help them achieve a ‘Zero Harm’ workplace. The sole purpose behind the birth of the company is to offer safety to the employees without whom any company would be left handicapped. We treat employees not as workers but as human beings who have to get home to their family. This motivation drives us to work better and curate data driven solutions for their well-being and safety.”

- Thanmai Deekshith, Co-Founder

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