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Become The Movement (BTM) uses Ecommerce for Social Good

What the Company Does

Become The Movement (BTM) uses e-commerce to support social and racial justice and make a humanitarian impact.

The Current Landscape

Currently, we've seen a significant increase in social and racial justice work. More organizations and initiatives are being started to provide solutions for, and address inequalities and inequities which is great to see.

What competitors exist?

Fortunately, we're not in what would be considered a competitive business as our model is to assist other organizations and initiatives with amplifying their impact - but for the sake of this discussion, we'll say that the few organizations that may have like or somewhat similar services as ours, seem to focus solely on primarily supporting other traditional organizations (501c3s). Therein may be a core element on how BTM is different as we support people, small businesses, initiatives, and organizations.

We believe that casting a wider net allows us to cover more ground, create more solutions, and make more impact possible.

Company Birth Story

Become The Movement originally launched in 2012. Unfortunately, at that time, conversations around social and racial justice, as using an innovative model across audience types, just wasn't on the radar yet alone palatable for many. And while we received some really good feedback, people seemed to not fully grasp what we were trying to do - and or we may have failed to convey our message clearly. Let's just say it was the right model at the wrong time. I knew it would be a powerful tool, but I also realized it needed to be refined. I decided not to rush the process and instead, went back to the drawing board and re-launched BTM in 2021.

The Solution

When I built BTM I knew it would be imperative to extend support beyond traditional organizations. It needed to be a model that also made room for partnerships with marginalized people and groups - like the independent maker who's trying to sell their work versus turning to crime, or the person in the community who never started a 501c3 yet has opened their home to neighborhood kids, or the small 501c3 who funds back-to-school supply drives that never made the news or garnered corporate support, or BIPOC business that historically have been denied funding to grow, and of course, the bigger organizations whose names we all know.

I realized that only supporting the big orgs with resources was stifling progress. The point is- the solutions are in ALL of these people and entities who make up and are creating the solutions we need. ALL of them are doing transformative, impactful, work; therefore, all of them needed support.

Our decision to become a conduit for that supoort versus only supporting some of them, is what makes us different and most importantly, leaves room for the biggest impact to be made.

BTM not only challenges and changes the narrative but also invites others to participate in the conversation - and the solution.

Another important pillar to the overall vision is to pursue and obtain B-Corp status in the immediate future. We believe this transparency and commitment is necessary in ensuring and showing our dedication.

A Customer Story

We're currently in beta so the depth of how Become The Movement will change lives has yet to fully be realized; however, we're excited about the partnership conversations we're currently engaged in and how they'll help in aligning BTM for growth, as well as, making a positive impact.

A Founder Quote

Change, changes everything.


It doesn't take a lot, to do a lot.

Are my main two mantras I keep top of mind to stay both centered and focused.

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