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Livecoinwatch: Your One-Stop Shop for Crypto Market Data

What Livecoinwatch does

Livecoinwatch is a cryptocurrency market data aggregator that provides real-time prices and information on over 20,000 coins and 500 exchanges, with a focus on user experience and advanced portfolio features.

Livecoinwatch's Current Landscape

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, with new coins, exchanges, and regulations being introduced regularly. In this landscape, Livecoinwatch's main competitors include CoinMarketCap, a similar market data aggregator that provides prices and information on cryptocurrencies and exchanges.

Livecoinwatch's Birth Story

Livecoinwatch was founded in 2017 by Noel Kim and Danny Buonocore, who saw a need for a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for tracking the rapidly-evolving crypto market. They created their first MVP and marketed it on Reddit, which gained immense popularity as it was one of the first sites to provide real- time price feeds. However, due to the influx of users, the site crashed due to inexperience with building a website at scale. They then brought on Ante Peric as their CTO, who was found through Reddit. They received minimal funding and bootstrapped to rebuild their product from the ground up.

Livecoinwatch's Solution

Livecoinwatch is changing the way people access and analyze crypto market data, making it easier for individuals and businesses to stay informed and make educated decisions in the rapidly-growing world of cryptocurrency. Livecoinwatch stands out from its competitors, such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, with its focus on user experience, including a troll box to chat with community members, charting capabilities that allow you to see any historical chart in terms of the price of any other crypto, and intuitive portfolio features for both novice and advanced traders.

In the wake of the recent downturn in the crypto markets, Livecoinwatch has continued to provide reliable and accurate data to its users. The company has remained committed to transparency by sourcing its data from a wide range of exchanges to provide a more comprehensive view of the market and reduce the risk of manipulation or misinformation. Livecoinwatch's mission is to onboard as many people into the space as possible by offering free analytics data and tools so that users can navigate the space through their own research.

To further achieve their goal, the company is looking to build out more features and offer more data to its users, including on-chain metrics, glossaries, fully customizable alerts, and news feeds. Livecoinwatch is constantly working on improving the platform to provide the best user experience and features for crypto users and to keep up with the rapidly-evolving crypto market.

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