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Lighting the Way in Water Disinfection

What the company does?

AquiSense Technologies Australia is bringing ground-breaking UV-C LED disinfection systems to the Australia Pacific region. Ultraviolet LEDs offer a mercury-free alternative to traditional UV disinfection methods. With a range of disinfection systems that are power efficient, free from harmful chemicals, and more compact and flexible than conventional techniques, AquiSense products are the solution the world needs.

The Current Landscape

UV water disinfection revolutionised how individuals and industries purify drinking water. However, traditional Ultraviolet water disinfection uses potentially hazardous me rcury vapour lamps. With more information emerging about the dangers mercury use due to the UNEP Minamata Convention on Mercury, now is the perfect time for the world to adopt this innovation.

Company Birth Story

AquiSense was founded in the United States by Oliver Lawal, who has been involved in the field of Ultraviolet technology for 25 years. AquiSense is now a global company, and their products are still proudly made in the USA. AquiSense Australia is thrilled to have been able to bring these innovative technologies to Australian and New Zealand shores. The unique climatic, geographical, and regulatory challenges of Australia and New Zealand mean that the demand for mercury-free water treatment will grow exponentially over the next decade.

The Solution

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices made of multiple layers of substrate materials. The LEDs in AquiSense systems emit UV-C wavelengths, which fall between visible light and x-rays on the electromagnetic spectrum. UV-C is germicidal, meaning it can be used effectively as a disinfectant to deactivate most microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses.

Over the last decade, the Minamata Convention has raised awareness of the dangers of mercury to the environment and human health. AquiSense systems are mercury-free and provide a safer alternative. This has created new markets for UV disinfection where traditional UV lamps containing mercury were banned for due to potential breakage and contamination risk (e.g., medical devices, aerospace).

A Customer Story

BOSAQ, a global sustainable water company, partnered with AquiSense Technologies to provide sustainable, self-sufficient drinking water in an ecological and socially friendly manner.

BOSAQ designs and manufactures premium drinking water installations for rural areas, decentralised water supplies, defence, and disaster relief. The BOSAQ team has engineered the SolarAQ, a long-lasting, cost-effective, and durable water treatment system designed to treat any water source, including sea, fresh, rain, and brackish water. The SolarAQ required a disinfection system that allowed for renewable or battery powered options, with a compact footprint to enable the system to be portable. The SolarAQ is equipped with the cutting-edge AquiSense PearlAqua Micro™.

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