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Leveraging AI To Increase Your Sales

What Leadcamp does

Leadcamp is a game-changer for sales teams looking to boost revenue. With intent data technology, Leadcamp assigns a "heatscore" to each prospect based on their online and email activity, making prioritization a breeze. And the best part? Personalized cadences allow for tailored communication that meets prospects where they are.

Leadcamp Current Landscape

Leadcamp competes with giants like Salesforce and Outreach, providing exceptional value for money. While sales engagement is standard practice for most big companies, small companies may not know its existence or have the necessary budget to implement such systems.

Typically, companies rely on expensive third-party intent data providers such as G2, Gartner, and Sixsense. However, first-party intent data, which is possible on some platforms, prioritize leads and personalize outreach based on the customer's journey, making it more specific and useful than third-party intent data. Although simple CRM systems are believed to be useful for sales, they often provide little insight into a customer's journey and need to be more well-organized to prioritize leads.

Company Birth Story

Leadcamp's genesis can be traced back to Bram, the CEO of Cardify as well as Leadcamp. Cardify provided intent data through digital business cards, it proved valuable for sellers seeking to target prospects. However, with the pandemic, traditional business cards lost relevance, prompting Leadcamp to pivot towards capturing intent data online.

Leadcamp was created to streamline the sales process as sales professionals spend only 18% of their time selling, with the remaining 82% wasted on non-selling tasks. Capturing all prospect interactions and leveraging "intent signals," Leadcamp minimizes non-selling tasks. Since the platform birth of the platform, an easy set-up and use were essential.

The Solution

Leadcamp uses first-party intent data accumulated from your own sources, making it more relevant for salespeople. It analyzes individual prospect behavior, providing insight into which company and who to contact. It gathers data on website activity, email engagement, and other touchpoints, enabling personalized customer outreach. Personalization is crucial in modern society, and companies are expected to know what customers want, making first-party intent data a valuable tool for salespeople.

The Team Culture

Leadcamp is a tight-knit group of five individuals committed to bringing the product to market. They share a deep passion for continuous learning and skill development, which fuels their drive to succeed. During our weekly meetings, we prioritize discussing and aligning on the most significant tasks to ensure that everything progresses smoothly. As with any team, some tend to speak up more frequently during meetings, and you can probably guess which team that is - the development or revenue team!?

A founder quote

The saying in Ghent, Belgium, "nie neute, nie pleuje", translates to "give it your all, never back down". It encourages perseverance toward your goals, even during difficult times. So, keep pushing forward, and don't give up.

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