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Latana advances the brand tracking industry

What is Latana Brand Tracking?

Latana is a brand tracking tool that provides accurate consumer insights from 100+ countries worldwide in one intuitive dashboard. With easy to access data, flexible segmentation, and mobile surveys — Latana is leading the way in the brand tracking industry.

Latana’s goal? To help brands make marketing decisions based on fact, not gut feeling.

The current industry landscape

Due to an increasing number of brands realizing that the future of effective marketing lies within advanced consumer data, brand tracking is a growing industry.

While there are some more established companies currently operating in the industry, Latana stands apart thanks to its use of MRP — a form of advanced statistical modeling which provides more reliable insights with higher precision and a smaller margin of error.

Establishing Latana

In 2013, founders Nico Jaspers and Fernando Guillén noticed a shift in human behavior: more and more people were easily reachable via their smartphones.

They realized that this everyday action could open up market research opportunities that go far beyond traditional methods in terms of range and efficiency, and, thus, Dalia Research — Latana’s parent company — was born.

Fast forward to 2019 and the founders have identified a pressing need for companies to better understand their brand perception. Using Dalia's capacity to generate over 1 billion answers per month across 150 countries — Jaspers and Guillén provided a way for brand managers to answer the million dollar question: what does my target audience think of my brand?

Today, Latana answers those questions for some of the biggest brands worldwide, empowering companies to get the reliable insights they need to grow.

The Latana solution

In 2022, Latana offers advanced technology to fit all brand tracking needs. With unprecedented flexibility in exploring brand data, Latana’s software allows you to define what matters the most to your brand.

Using various combinations of geography, time period, KPIs, brands, and audience segments, you can customize your dashboard to fit your needs. And with all your data available on one, easy-to-use dashboard, you can easily access brand insights, prepare reports, and run ad hoc research.

Plus, with access to highly granular data, you’ll be able to understand how niche audiences perceive your brand — something that sets Latana apart from the competition.

Coming soon, Latana will also offer industry benchmarking — which will allow brands to see how they stack against competitors, industry averages, and top performers. Brands can use these metrics to easily analyze their successes, failures, and areas in need of improvement.

The vision of the company

The Latana vision is simple — to lead the development of a new generation of research technologies that enable us to better understand the desires, preferences, and dreams of people around the world.

And to achieve this vision, Latana has five values that guide the company forward.

At the end of the day, Latana’s mission is to enable organizations of any size 
to accurately measure and track how people perceive their brand — and allow them to grow and find success.

A customer story: Headspace

Headspace, one of the world’s leading mindfulness apps, has been a client of Latana for many years. Using Latana’s brand tracking software, Headspace was able to replicate successful brand campaigns to accelerate growth.

For Headspace, the challenge was getting ahead of the competition. In the past, they were predominantly focused on performance marketing but began to introduce brand marketing into the mix.

Having recently launched brand campaigns across Germany, France, and Spain, they had no way of understanding the impact these brand campaigns were making. That’s when Headspace turned to Latana for help.

Looking at the data Latana gathered across Germany in Q1 and Q2 2019, Headspace could see that their campaigns were driving brand awareness. They then compared that data to data from Spain and France, where they didn’t do any brand marketing.

The comparison showed that there was a significantly smaller lift in brand awareness in Spain and France and that brand advertising was indeed increasing awareness — allowing Headspace to replicate the proven campaigns from Germany and accelerate the pace at which they grow in new markets.

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