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Knowledge is Power. Knowledge Shared is Exponential

What Whale does

Whale allows you to centralize all your processes, SOPs, playbooks, and more — so you can quickly onboard, train, and set your team up for success.

It's the fastest way to get your entire organization aligned.

The Current Landscape

In a very competitive industry the team maintain their standing through being nominated best for customer success on G2, by their ongoing product developments which include an AI tool to help create processes in seconds and a culture which impacts not just internal members of the team but the brand as a whole.

Company Birth Story

Whale started long before it started Whale as the founders were trying to solve their own problems. Once upon a time, which was actually just back in 2018, states Whale’s co-founder and CEO, Gary Vanbutsele, was leading an IT Services Firm.

“I felt I could never get ahead or actually. I just felt that I was constantly putting out fires. And it was my own fault really because I was focused on trying to solve the immediate problem(s) at hand instead of empowering my team to solve them. As the team grew, things just got worse.

I knew we’d never be able to scale the business unless I found a way to do this. And so the seed for Whale was planted. I began to think of ways to empower my team with information and knowledge sharing.

It was like all the lights came on. I realized that we needed to build a pragmatic approach to managing process in a business environment to enable growth not just for our own business but to help others scale too!” - Gary Vanbutsele, CEO and Co-founder

Of course this wasn’t the “and they all lived happily ever after” storybook ending, far from it.

It was just the beginning.?

The Solution

Whale isn’t just a product; it is a paradigm that evolves how people align with business ideals and goals. The product makes procedures, policies, and company knowledge accessible to team members and allows SOPs and processes to be used to train new and current team members.

The team understands that human behavior shapes business processes and vice versa! A strong consideration in building Whale was not to try and change human behavior but to use processes to optimize learning and human behaviour within businesses.

The faster founders can share knowledge, and the faster new team members can ramp up in their roles, the greater the impact.

Whale serves ?

  • Organizations looking to scale

  • Teams hungry for knowledge

  • And every founder who knows that their mission is bigger than they are and they’re going to need a power team to deliver it!

A Customer Story

Having doubled year over year as an organization since 2018 in the size of the organization SalesBoomerang, now TrustEngine, needed documentation and processes so that people could come in and ramp up faster, contributing to the team quicker than ever before.

“What we’ve really seen is that people are able to understand the organization more. We have grown, and we’re a fully remote company. That’s a big part of why Whale was brought in. It is somewhere to have that central point of view because you can’t just look over at somebody else’s desk and ask them a question.” - Julia Lindley, Formerly Sales Boomerang, Now TrustEngine

The Team Culture

Whale, founded by Gary Vanbutsele and Bram Billet, has a super engaging culture, and you'll definitely want to follow them on social so be sure to check them out on;

The company culture is 'embodied' at Whale and carried out by every individual in the company. You'll see this in the way they talk to the way they answer customer queries even to how they share on social.

Here are just a few examples of how Team Whale stays connected;

➡️ Travelling together once a year. Check out some of the pics from last year's trip to Spain.

➡️ They take part in events together.

➡️ They appreciate each other in small ways, things like appreciation day.

➡️ Their CEO prioritizes culture.

➡️ They ONLY hire the best and make an effort to connect with them from the Get Go! Check out their hiring video.

➡️ They have their own podcast "The Unlocking Growth Show" and an internal podcast called "Life at Whale" which they only share with 'their pod'

A founder quote

"Our mission is helping clients unlock the next level of growth in their businesses. This isn’t some kumbaya kind of tagline. It’s the truth, and we live it. And we make life harder for ourselves by doing so because it keeps pushing us to reflect on the value we provide, but we wouldn't have it any other way"

Check it out :

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