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Key Performance Indicators revisited, (or Creating KPIs that deliver)

What KPI Karta does

KPI Karta helps clients better identify actionable KPIs and then tracks them in a colour-coded hierarchical map to show progress. The KPIs that are created are endorsed and adopted by team members because the map show alignment with the work that they do and the overall goal of the organization.

The Current Landscape

All firms measure success by tracking Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. But most will tell you that their KPIs are a mess. In fact, only 28% of CEOs studied by MIT Sloan understood what their KPIs were telling them. That’s because KPIs are selected from a list or just recycled from those used in the past, so they aren’t directly connected to the work they do, and they don’t align with overall goals.

Company Birth Story

KPI Karta is a spin-off from Unilytics which was acquired in 2021. The subscription service embodies the very successful consulting methodology used for the past 12 years.

The Solution

Many dashboarding tools exist that report on company metrics and KPIs. However, the value proposition for KPI Karta is quite different. While dashboard tools will display KPIs, this service help clients figure out what those KPIs should be. No other product does that. The visual maps it builds show management and staff who is responsible for various tasks and everyone can see how well they are performing and identify what things need improving.

The Team Culture

Peder Enhorning, Founder. Founded and CEO of Unilytics from 2001- 2021

Advisory board

Jim Sterne, Co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association, Founder of the Marketing Analytics Summit (eMetrics Summit). Published 12 books on marketing and analytics.

Vafa Akhavan, CEO at World Pediatric Project, Board of Directors at Children Believe and is a senior faculty member at the Executive Education Center of the Schulich Business School, York University, Toronto.

A founder quote

When I tell friends that I am building a tool to help clients better identify and track KPIs, they think it sounds boring! But every company uses KPIs and what we are offering is completely unique. I think we have something that can really shake up the industry. The methodology won a lot of praise from customers and industry leaders and our SaaS embodies that consulting. When people see that the KPIs make sense and are helpful, they adopt them, and they love our system.

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