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KADO Helps Businesses Grow Through an AI-driven Networking Solution

What is KADO?

KADO is an AI-driven enterprise tool that helps you close more deals by combining the power of networking and relationship management (think of where Salesforce meets LinkedIn). It supercharges the ability to engage with clients through interactive business profiles, but also to grow and monetize existing and new relationships through a fully integrated relationship manager.

The Current Landscape

Relationship-driven professionals can spend around 40% of their time networking and curating those business contacts. For a lawyer, this could imply $100-300k in billable hours lost. For others, this means the ability to optimize their workflow and double revenue. Now you may think, what about enterprise CRMs? Those are focused on sales, marketing emails, not networking or relationship building. It’s a very different thing. Other solutions are digital business cards, but that is just a feature within our solution.

Company Birth Story

During Pati Recarte's time as investment banker, she realized how important networking and knowing your clients well was to win deals. Pati still see that now with her husband, who's also a banker, or her father, who's a lawyer. She also saw the same behavior while working for multiple startups, close to the CEOs. The network and relationships were KEY for fundraising or for closing partnerships. And all relationships were always tracked on excel, not CRMs, because again, these are meant to be used by salesmen. So after having gone through banking and leadership roles at several startups in London and Barcelona, She packed her bags and moved with her husband to the States in August of 2020. Despite the pandemic, Pati managed to get a prototype started, raise some initial funds and launch one year later!

The Solution

First of all, KADO supercharges your employees’ ability to network and to activate clients with interactive digital business profiles that go far beyond business cards. Real Estate agency: include links to your listings and broker reviews. A gym: have each trainer hashtag their focus areas or link to their classes. Legal firm: include your deck or presentation with credentials. You name it!

But networking is just the start of the journey. KADO also helps you nurture and monetize those relationships with an AI driven and fully integrated relationship manager that is personalized at the employee level. Integrations with your calendar, email, company CRM together with updates from news and social media and smart automations and suggestions will allow you or your employees to ensure no client falls through the cracks.

Our vision is to get to the point where two people meet and KADO instantaneously allows you to find commonalities, hot topics and make smart decisions about your professional relationships.

A Customer Story

Some of our key customers include brokers in the Real Estate industry. They use KADO to accelerate closing periods and activate clients by sharing with them one combined profile with their social media, news, listings or ratings...beyond their contact info. In addition, KADO is helping them keep track of key notes, interactions and information so they never forget a single detail about their clients! This improves the client’s experience and perception that the professional cares about them, helping them increase their closing rates!

The Team Culture

Beyond Pati Recarte and her CTO and co-founder, they have 4 other software developers, a UX designer and a Head of Sales. They are split between the U.S. and Spain and have very different backgrounds, so there are many different points of view that come together!

A Founder Quote

People are at the heart of business: stay open to new connections and be kind and respectful to them. Eventually it all pays off.


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