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Join the Metaverse Banking Revolution with Fiat24

What the company does

The mission of Fiat24 is to grant everyone access to a seamless payment experience in a regulated ecosystem that is built for peer to peer transactions via both traditional banking services and crypto wallets.

Through a fully regulated ecosystem, Fiat24 bridges the gap between centralised and decentralised systems, with their own own metaverse where businesses and private clients alike can buy land to gain visibility.

Designed for both retail users and merchant clients, Fiat24 enables you to experience next generation payments with hassle-free and real-time blockchain payments, and to extend your payment universe.

The Current Landscape

As interest in Web3, crypto and blockchain continue to gain momentum, even gaining the attention of some of the world’s largest corporations across all sectors, this nascent industry promises to give everyone higher control and ownership through digital assets. Fiat24 is truly a unique player in the DeFi space, with other payment providers unable to offer such an easy on and off ramping solution, or one decentralised application where users can keep track of both fiat and crypto money.

Company Birth Story

Fiat24 was created by 2 ex-bankers and 1 programmer who got somewhat disillusioned by the traditional finance sector and systems, which they feel are outdated.

Committed to revolutionizing the way that banks operate, Fiat24 leverages blockchain and smart contracts in order to carry out some of the same banking services in a far more efficient and cost- effective way.

The Solution

Fiat24 invites you to begin your journey in a new financial universe, empowering you through ownership and control, all made possible by the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

Combining the security and reliability of traditional banks with the advantages of a decentralised ecosystem powered by smart contracts, Fiat24 is a place where transparency reigns supreme.

Access free banking services that are always available from the comfort of your own mobile device, and enjoy the first core banking system that is entirely built on blockchain.

Fiat24 believes in making use of latest technologies with the objective of efficiency, achieved through the minimisation of human interaction and cost-saving solutions for clients.

If you’re ready for the next iteration of finance and banking, we invite you to connect your Ethereum wallet, mint their signature NFT and open an account with us today.

A founder quote

Fiat24 Co-Founder Yang Lan said “coming from the traditional banking world myself, I witnessed many of the issues surrounding what can be considered now as ‘outdated’ technology in place in legacy banking systems. What blockchain can offer is an opportunity for the financial world to operate at a far more efficient level, with lower overhead and operational costs, as well as bringing several benefits to the customer.”

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