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Introducing Seresilk; The Only Skincare Brand in the World using Australian Silk

What Seresilk does

Rich in protein fibres, soft in texture, silk is superior in the world of skincare. With amino acids being the building blocks of your skin, choosing a product high in these is essential for rejuvenating and restoring strength to its structure. Healthy skin begins with beautifully delicate formulations. Seresilk was formulated to give you an oh-so-silky smooth feel and so much more.

The Current Landscape

There is no existing silk manufacturing industry in Australia, and while silk is a proven and common skincare ingredient, it is often sourced using traditionally cruel rearing methods + made in China.

Company Birth Story

Seresilk was founded in 2021 by Taylor Battistella. Battistella has worked with silk since the age of 12, starting his first business selling Silkworms to schools and retail customers throughout Australia. Over time, he has become an industry expert.

Battistella’s evolving knowledge led him to unearth research focusing on numerous natural benefits of silk. With origins of silkworm stemming back to old world China; where the ladies at silk farms were renowned for having the softest hands in the world; the rich history of the anti-ageing properties of silk were discovered.

Learning of the incredible therapeutic benefits of silk for skincare, Battistella decided to bring his expertise to the skincare industry, and so Seresilk was born - an Australian brand using cruelty-free silk.

As a nod to the incredible history of silk, Battistella chose the name Seresilk. Derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘Seres’, this translates to ‘land of silk’ and describes 3,000 BC Ancient Chinese region where the finest silk was first discovered.

But the true benefits of silk are only just being discovered now…

Rich in history with inspiring roots, Seresilk’s mission is providing products that make silky smooth and healthy skin part of a normal skincare routine. They want you to experience the amazing therapeutic properties silk skincare has to offer.

In a world where women use an estimated 515 individual chemicals on their skin each day, they say enough is enough. Seresilk is taking responsibility, not just for our skin, but the planet too. They are committed to offering unique formulas that add value to our world, without overexploiting it. Why saturate our skin with 100’s of chemicals and overuse the earth's resources, when they could be using the most effective ingredient of them all?

The Solution

At Seresilk, their goal is to give you silky smooth skin with the power of silk-infused skincare products. They firmly believe in the therapeutic benefits of silk in skincare and want to create an ethical silk industry in Australia, as currently, there is not one! Australia's natural environment provides the perfect conditions to rear silk of the highest quality anywhere in the world. They are taking steps to promote the benefits of silk, however they recognise this isn't enough. To support these efforts, they have partnered with Good Shepherd, Children's Ground and Greening Australia, three organisations that share their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Together, they can work towards a brighter, silk-filled future.

At Seresilk, they are on a mission to revolutionise the way they use silk. Their goal is to not only bring silky smoothness to their Australian-made silk products, but promote a larger, cruelty- free focused silk industry in Australia. They firmly believe silk has the potential to transform industries beyond luxury garments and cosmetics - from knee reconstructions to rocket ships - but only if they preserve this essential resource.

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