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Innovating the Veteran Recruiting Landscape

What Jargon does

Jargon is an artificial intelligence and machine learning software company that automates veteran recruiting and talent allocation. Jargon offers an Enterprise platform for organizations and a Veteran platform for veterans. Both solutions are fast, accurate, user-friendly, and affordable to make recruiting effective and efficient.

Jargon's Current Landscape

The human resources tech industry, specifically recruiting, is growing rapidly. Currently it is a $28 billion a year industry that the Department of Labor expects to grow to $47 billion by 2027. This is predominantly driven by artificial intelligence and big data. Talent retention continues to be a massive problem as 43% of veterans leave their first job after the first year while that number jumps to 80% after two years. Large players in HR tech are unable to focus on the specific needs of the veteran population while smaller companies lack the innovation need to keep pace with development. Jargon is uniquely poised to serve the veteran recruiting marketplace to correct pain points and challenges through its technology.

Jargon Birth Story

The company started after the founding team had first-hand experience with the lack of understanding recruiters had regarding veteran experiences and credentials and how they best fit within a company. Additional, transitioning out of the military, the founders were unsure where they should look to start their civilian careers. Jargon was formed to solve these problems that others have been unable to solve.

Jargon's Solution

Jargon’s artificial intelligence breaks down a candidate’s credentials across millions of data points using deep machine learning and non-linear thinking. Predictive analytics then takes that candidate and matches them to best fit open opportunities within an organization for efficiency and efficacy. Articles, videos, and tutorials help with the interviewing process along the way for a frictionless hiring process from application stage to official hire. This is a unique solution that is the most advanced on the marketplace utilizing the latest technology available.

A Customer Story

Jargon is veteran owned to provide authentic insight in bridging the gap between organizations and veterans. This stems from a desire to change the flaws in the current systems that have been seen and experienced firsthand. Jargon believes that by helping organizations through their technology, they can provide the most impact to help veterans find meaningful employment and fulfilling work to prevent unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, and suicide in the veteran community.

A founder quote

“This is a big problem to solve, and we are tackling it one user at a time.” – Timothy Niko

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