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Illuminating, Botanical Skincare

What LOUMI does

LOUMI is a female-founded skincare company with a mission to illuminate your skin and confidence. All of our products are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, paraben-, sulfate-, and gluten-free formulations that nourish both the skin and soul! Our focus is on hand-picking ingredients that are suitable for every skin type!

The Current Landscape

Some trends in the beauty industry that are really making a difference are the customer shopping experience. Many brands are making advancements towards hyper-personalization using AI. Customers want to feel like brands are engaging with their personal skincare issues and making recommendations based on their personal needs. Sustainability is another huge factor that LOUMI is working towards, so shoppers can feel safe knowing products are made with conscious efforts for the planet.

Company Birth Story

Our founder, Megan, created LOUMI after she was constantly traveling for work and started noticing the impact it was having on her skin and allergies. Her need for a simple, natural skincare routine that would help with dark spots and puffiness is what sparked the vision for LOUMI. A long-time advocate for clean beauty, she incorporated it into the formulation because of its powerful healing and antioxidant properties.

The Solution

Everyone should have access to affordable, clean products. LOUMI is solely concentrated on providing harmless solutions for any skin-related concern you may have at an affordable price. LOUMI plans on expanding beyond the realm of just skincare. Developing a global lifestyle brand and providing wellness options for all areas of the skincare routine is where LOUMI is putting a focus and effort for the future.

A Customer Story

Although our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, it has been very rewarding to hear positive feedback from the LOUMI Life community. It was really encouraging to understand the approach that plant-based botanical skincare has helped with puffiness from allergies, eczema, dark sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles. LOUMI takes reviews very seriously and is so happy to touch the skin and the confidence of so many people!

The Team Culture

Megan, Founder - Loves skincare, traveling, her dog, Quincy, and wellness. Megan started this business in the middle of the pandemic and is now expanding beyond an e-commerce brand into retail.

Gabby, Director of Marketing - Loves to run, cook, and shoot content for LOUMI. Gabby is in charge of all social channels and was the first hire for the brand.

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