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I Peep BXS invests in the mental health of society's future

What is I PEEP BXS?

I PEEP BXS is an in-home therapy provider dedicated to helping children and young adults overcome their learning and developmental disabilities through ABA Therapies in the comfort of their homes. People need to be made more aware of the importance of investing in our children's mental health. Professionals should provide parental prerequisites before appointments, and their involvement should be a requirement in order to get the best results for the children. Children didn't come with instructions for the parents to know the best way to handle their child, so we as professionals should help implement parental participation.

The Current Landscape and birth of the company

Many behavior analysts have noticed a barrier between children and their parents mainly due to the work stress and how little time they are left with because of their demanding jobs. Not spending quality time with the family has created a distance between the parents and their kids, making it harder to help the children when the need arises. This lifestyle has increased parents' dependency on professionals like I PEEP B, something that needs to be addressed because children provide the best response to the treatments when their parents are around.

Covid has allowed many families to create their own new start-up businesses, which has offered them more time with their families. By investing in your own family, society is able to increase the generational wealth, and after securing a sustainable income, can support each other by tagging in when the other family members are not able to meet their ends. In order for a parent to increase their mental health, not being stressed or burned out is pretty important, which grants more time for I PEEP BXS to spend on the deficits within children. Parents should be able to wake up and love what they do and not feel completely exhausted and hate every minute they are awake. Mental health affects everyone, and your situation does as well, so you, the parents, taking good care of your mental health is vital for helping the children.

The Solution

When it comes to creating an environment where parents understand and can participate in the therapy treatments of their children to overcome their learning disabilities, I PEEP BXS firmly believe that professionals have an essential role to play. Parents also need to live a lifestyle that would allow them to spend quality time with their children so that they can better understand them and develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship. With the parents' stress of life decreased and the value of participation in a child increased, many things could help foster a better future for their children. If parents were to invest more in their children's mental health well-being (counselors, therapy, medications, camps, etc.), the children would have more productive futures. The amount that parents are expected to pay over their kids' childhood is quite a lot, but I PEEP BXS can cut several costs by implementing basic interventions for parents and children.

Secondly, a parent could budget by implementing some of the same tools that we do. There are seminars everywhere since the world has become entirely digital thanks to telehealth, zoom, Google meets, and other platforms. Several videos and research are available for children with all types of developmental delays, which could cut a portion of the costs. The more knowledgeable a parent becomes, the more able they can help their child overcome the challenges. And so, I PEEP BXS is providing the children who are facing learning and developmental disabilities with ABA therapy treatments in their homes so that at least one parent is present during the session. This way, I PEEP BXS can ensure that the child being treated completely feels secure and safe because of the familiar surroundings and a parent being there for them. Also, the parent can learn how they can help their child and what kind of attention the kids require to overcome the challenges.

As behavior analysts, I PEEP BXS aims to focus on the functions of behavior which include: sensory, escape, access to attention, and tangible items. Based on those four functions, you can just about narrow down the cost and make things more cost-effective with that simple baseline of data. No one wants to always be bossed around or told what to do unless it's something in it for them. So, meeting children where they are is the key to success and getting what you want in the end. At the same time, other key factors may include providing structure and boundaries, fostering independence, encouraging social connections, teaching healthy habits, and modeling positive behavior.

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