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How Lightyear’s Free Software is transforming the Trillion dollar Telecom Industry

What is Lightyear?

Lightyear has launched the first-ever software platform that enables enterprises to buy and manage their telecom networks online in a fully automated manner - bringing the telecom status quo to the modern age for the first time ever.

The Current Landscape

Business telecom represents a trillion-dollar market for critical services that power today’s commerce, but procuring and managing an enterprise telecom network remains an inefficient, offline, and expensive process for IT teams across the globe.

Telecom agents and aggregators were born in an attempt to alleviate some of these pain points, but these channel partners typically aren’t able to provide a truly vendor agnostic solution and don’t always have the customer’s best interest at heart.

Company Birth Story

Lightyear’s CEO and Co-Founder, Dennis Thankachan, witnessed the inefficiencies of the industry first hand while working at a telecommunications hedge fund on Wall Street.

The Solution

Lightyear’s software allows enterprises to configure networks online in a matter of seconds, then the software automatically runs exhaustive RFPs on behalf of its customers. Lightyear utilizes its proprietary pricing dataset to streamline pricing negotiations and vendor-customer matchmaking. Lightyear works with 500+ telecom service providers, so vendor agnostic, best pricing is guaranteed.

After a customer chooses a vendor, telecom implementations are the next hurdle that Lightyear helps them overcome. Botched telecom implementations disrupt business operations and are unfortunately very common. To combat this, Lightyear’s implementation management feature helps customers save significant time in the installation process.

Additionally, most IT teams today are managing their telecom networks in a disorganized and error-prone spreadsheet. Lightyear’s software digitizes and tracks network inventory while also automating contract renewal processes for customers, ensuring IT teams can stay organized and on top of their network.

A Customer Story

Lightyear manages millions of dollars of telecom spend and its customers include large, multibillion dollar enterprises such as Roadrunner Transportation, StockX, One Florida Bank, and Element Solutions. IT teams that use Lightyear cite up to 75% time savings and 30% cost savings on new procurement projects.

The Team Culture

The Lightyear team is comprised of 40 passionate, relentless problem solvers who are on a mission to fix B2B telecom while having some fun along the way.

Lightyear operates a remote-first, distributed working environment that allows its team members to live where they want to live and still do their work successfully. Lightyear believes that talent knows no geographic bounds, and hires as such.

A Founder Quote

“There are no digital means to buy or manage telecom networks today. Even when buying a simple, dedicated internet circuit, countless phone calls and emails are required. It’s an extremely antiquated industry. We have built a data-first, network command center that takes out all of the guesswork out of telecom procurement and management, resulting in significant time and money savings for enterprises,” Thankachan said of the Lightyear software.

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