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How Flowlie’s All-In-One Fundraising Hub Supported $400M+ in Raises in 70 Countries

What Flowlie does

Flowlie is the modern all-in-one fundraising hub for tech founders and their CFOs helping them understand their runway, plan their capital needs, explore financing opportunities from equity to debt, and manage their KPIs. They provide early-stage founders with robust investor relationship management and fundraising systems.

The Current Landscape

The space is currently primarily served by broker-dealers, marketplaces, and sales tools shoehorned into fundraising ones. Tech-enabled brokers help founders reach pre-vetted pools of investors, but their incentives are not aligned and their approach is short-term, failing to address the root of the problem, which is suboptimal since founders rarely raise just one round of funding. As Flowlie is an all-in-one application, certain workflow-specific competitors include DocSend for deck sharing, Visible for investor updates, and OpenVC for investor databases.

Company Birth Story

Co-founders Vlad Cazacu, CEO, and Mark Bugas, CRO, were inspired by their own experiences as founders and investors in venture-backed startups. They saw how time-consuming, opaque, difficult, and distracting fundraising was and set out to create a better system for managing it leveraging the latest technologies available.

The Solution

Flowlie brings all the fundraising workflows under one roof, similar to what HubSpot did for sales workflows. By leveraging its various modules, founders can plan their round, understand their dilution, research investors, automatically identify the highest fit ones, prepare target lists, host their deck, create their fundraising one-pager, securely protect their data room, share their materials with anyone, track access across all interactions, manage their investor pipeline, and much more. This vertical-focused approach allows them to deliver tailor-made insights to their users including benchmarking on terms, valuation, and chance of success. First-time founders use the platform because of their guided experience while experienced or repeat founders use the platform because it saves them time on many tedious tasks.

A Customer Story

Founders from across the world use Flowlie to plan, prepare, and manage their fundraising process. Across the board, customers are describing how this “makes fundraising 10x easier” and how “before Flowlie, a lot of the VC lingo was hard to understand”. Since they started, Flowlie has supported thousands of startup founders to raise over $400M for their ventures.

“Flowlie has boosted my confidence when reaching out to investors. Our FlowLink provides us with a clear framework for sharing key information, and it's great to know when an investor has accessed the link and our pitch deck.” - Chuck Walter, Founder & CEO of FriendApp

The Team Culture

Flowlie is a team of innovators from all corners of the world, with a mission to harness the power of technology to support and accelerate entrepreneurship, enabling more founders to bring their visions to life with the right financing strategy. Their goal is to ensure that all founders, regardless of their background, have access to the best systems, data, and education in order to navigate the fundraising process. This is one of the reasons they are very intentional about the way they build the product and how they explain difficult topics such as valuation benchmarks, dilution, or investment conversions in the most simple and intuitive way possible.

A founder quote

“Fundraising has always been a tedious, highly manual process that relies on wide networks that are hard to establish. While everyone has rushed to build a marketplace, we decided to tackle the root problem and leverage the latest advancements in technology to empower founders to run an efficient process without disintermediating it,” said Vlad Cazacu, CEO and co-founder.

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