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How Brixbid is Revolutionizing the Rental Market

What Brixbid does

Brixbid is the only platform that allows for rent negotiation, giving renters the power to name their own price for monthly rent. Renters search our site for apartments. Once they've found their dream apartment, they submit the offer through our platform. Landlords choose to accept, counter, or decline the offer.

Brixbid's Current Landscape

Apartment rental rates are high, and homeownership is not an option for everyone. Housing insecurity is a trending topic, yet no apartment listings sites like Zillow and aren’t doing anything to support renters at this time. That is, until Brixbid came along.

Company Birth Story

Brixbid’s founders are two property owners who saw property-specific demand differences. Some leased so quickly, they were concerned they were leaving money on the table. At other properties, apartments sat vacant for unknown reasons. They wanted a solution that would let the market determine what an apartment was worth, whether higher or lower than they anticipated.

The Solution

Rent negotiation is just that start for Brixbid. In fall, the company rolled out Brixbid Plus, a rental agency that works with apartment-seekers to find their ideal place at no cost to the renter. Agents provide a curated list of options, lead them on tours of their favorite selections, and helps them craft the perfect offer to present to landlords. Brixbid Plus garnered great success in Chicago and is expanding to larger cities in the new few months.

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