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How a Group of Teenagers Bring Their Creativity to the Medical Field

Alexandra Chu is a high school student from New York. She is the founder and executive director of MedCreate, a nonprofit organization that works to merge the worlds of medicine and creativity as well as foster a community of students who are enthusiastic about both science and the humanities. Traditionally, the sciences and the humanities have been thought to be completely different fields with nothing in common. Parents and the rest of society imposed an implicit expectation to choose between the two, so having interests in these seemingly disparate disciplines would generally raise a few eyebrows. However, many concepts in the liberal arts can actually be applied to aspects of science and vice versa, and over the centuries, this popular myth has slowly started to disappear. MedCreate is currently working to help dispel this belief through education, creative writing, and art.

At a young age, Alexandra displayed an equal love and talent for both science and the humanities. She has always been interested in pursuing medicine as a career, but she has a strong passion for creative writing and art (to name a few) as well. Not wanting to choose one discipline over the other, she decided to try to find a way to merge her interests. After years of research, she founded her organization to show the world how it's possible to bridge the two worlds and to find other students who share similar interests. Alexandra started MedCreate when she was only fourteen, and she has built up an organization of hundreds of members from all over the world. Despite still being in high school, she is working to create an impact in both healthcare and education by merging the worlds of medicine and creativity. For the past year, she has been quarterbacking several programs such as virtual classes and mentorship programs to spread word about medicine and creativity, community bonding events to foster a community of students enthusiastic about these two topics, and chapter programs to involve more students in her organization's mission. MedCreate is also currently preparing to launch a series of virtual classes for hospitalized children in local hospitals. MedCreate's core team is nothing short of amazing. They are made up of around a dozen high schoolers around the globe who share enthusiasms about helping the world via healthcare while incorporating creativity. It can be hard for them to meet over Zoom due to being in different time zones, so they utilize the group chat as much as possible.

"The team is a pretty chill group of people since they are all juggling this organization with school work, college applications, etc., but we try to make a difference and still have fun (virtually) when we can!

Check them out:

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