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Holding ISPs Accountable for Their Internet Service

What the company does?

Are you actually getting the Internet service you are paying for? Most ISPs don’t want to admit their network is having issues. When customers call tech support, they may be made to feel they’re the only ones having problems, unless the outage is so massive it makes the news. That’s where can help. Its easy-to-use software (or optional hardware agent) monitors Internet providers, helping consumers, small business and enterprise users diagnose and track connectivity issues. Plus, it gives them proof to show their ISP to help resolve it.

The Current Landscape

Remote monitoring products like Solarwinds, Datadog, Paessler are well-known in the industry. They focus on enterprise users with IT departments and related resources. Websites like DownDetector and other outages sites let visitors see and report wide area outages. differs from its competitors because it monitors from the end user’s perspective, gathering data on what that location is experiencing. Its proprietary software allows it to literally see through every provider, no matter what they report or don' report. It monitors Internet and provider performance while collecting analytics to show how all providers on the upstream connection are performing.

Company Birth Story

Owner Mike Paradis started his career running a dial-up Internet company in the mid-1990s, working with government and corporate clients in Ottawa, Ontario. The business grew and changed with the technology, morphing into Logicore Networks, a managed service provider (MSP) hosting web sites and providing Voice over IP (VoIP) services. was developed out of pure frustration. As an MSP, Logicore needed customers to have reliable Internet services, or customers would call to complain about the service. Often, the issues were on the customer’s premise, but it was hard to prove, so they assumed it was Logicore’s fault. Paradis needed a way to show customers that Logicore’s managed services were not the issue while also helping to resolve the customer’s ISP problems.

The Solution

Paradis began working on a software tool to track when problems were happening with Logicore’s clients. He built a web dashboard to monitor outages and created as a standalone site. Clients could download and install the software, plus log in to see their monitoring data and track outages, slowdowns and other critical information about the reliability of their internal networks, their ISPs and upstream providers.

After seeing how useful it was for his customer base, he began working with a team of developers to build a free community version to help non-technical users get basic statistics about their service and proof they could show to their ISP when issues were happening.

OutagesIO now has three versions: the free community version, an extended version offering advanced reporting tools, and an enterprise version that allows IT departments to deploy OutagesIO across their footprint, mixing and matching software and always-on hardware units in remote equipment and server rooms. The dev team continues to add features based on user feedback as well as offering support by email and online forums.

A Customer Story

For Paradis, the most rewarding part is getting notes from customers who let tell him how OutagesIO fixed a frustrating issue, like this user who wrote in to share: “I had a year with multiple daily outages and that seriously compromised my use of broadband service. My service provider refuted fault status. Data from line analysis resulted in immediate action from the service provider. (I sent data to the CEO!)

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