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"Hire the best and the brightest" with Snapbrillia

What is Snapbrillia?

Snapbrillia is an AI hiring platform that accelerates the quality of hires and DEI by enabling teams to interview better and hire the best people faster. The goal is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry and give all qualified candidates the same opportunities.

What's going on in the industry

The tech industry is booming, but it is still overwhelmingly male-dominated. There has been somewhat of a shift into the moral urgency this has caused, especially following events in past years leading up to 2020, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Women and ethnic minorities are grossly represented in the current tech industry and this creates a lack of technology that's thoughtful and inclusive of all potential users.

Companies are ramping up their hiring, but are struggling to find software engineers, especially during an international pandemic. It is hard to compete with tech giants’ resources to attract top-tier engineering talent. Companies of all sizes including those tech giants are struggling to find engineers that fit their requirements. Diversity is a sore issue within the tech industry. There have been initiatives to increase diversity, but companies continue to struggle to hire from underrepresented groups, citing various issues.

Another problem that plagues the industry is incredibly difficult coding interviews. Snapbrillia believes that coding interviews are a factor in why companies struggle with diversity. Currently, a majority of coding interviews contain data structures and algorithms, subjects in coding taught in premiere engineering programs. Speaking with software engineers, the tasks within the coding challenges are not found in real-life coding situations, therefore coding challenges are unrealistic. Only engineers who continue to study these problems outside of their regular jobs are able to pass, decreasing the pool of qualified engineers for companies that employ these challenges can hire from. Therefore, Snapbrillia exists to bridge that gap and help level the playing field by revamping coding challenges and interviews and helping companies fix their hiring shortcomings.

The creating of Snapbrillia

Snapbrillia was created to address the deep-seated challenges of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in interviewing and hiring. Even after creating an AI hiring product previously that has helped almost a million people get hired at Fortune 100 companies including Google, Amazon, Visa, and Nike in 2020, CEO and Co-founder of Snapbrillia, Ninh Tran, wanted to impact the world in a more meaningful way. Very few companies make DEI their main focus, To ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, race and ethnicity, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, and academic background will have a fair opportunity to at least interview for jobs that they are willing to put in the work for.

Ninh has started a few companies in the past, most recently a recruiting software company that has helped many Fortune 100 companies hire successful talent. However, as he also worked in the recruiting industry, the lack of DEI and often the blatant unconscious bias was something he observed and wanted to create a product that can help their DEI partners change not only the industry but strengthen society.

The vision for Snapbrillia

Snapbrillia believes that an ethical AI system with an effective combination of human-robot training is the best way to remove any inherent bias that a human might exhibit and augment hiring decisions. Ninh's vision for Snapbrillia is to help accelerate the embrace of a more diverse workforce and enable everyone to have a fair opportunity to build their career and get into the hottest industries. His hope is to make a positive and long-lasting impact on the world by enabling people from underrepresented groups to be afforded the same opportunities to acquire a well-paid job and make an impact on the technologies of tomorrow at the architect and developer level. Companies can use Snapbrillia's real-time analytics, to help their team be more aware of their bias and to become better interviewers and hiring managers.

Snapbrillia's mission and deep understanding of how hiring great employees works afford them the opportunity to run an internship program for people who would have otherwise had a hard time breaking into the tech world. A big portion of all of their interns get their breakthroughs and through their experience go on to secure jobs at tech firms across the world.

The team culture

The core teams are made up of people from underrepresented groups such as females, veterans, self-taught engineers without formal degrees, professionals of color, differently-abled engineers who all came together naturally to form a more diverse and inclusive company that is on a mission to make a difference for generations to come.

The team consists of members from around the world from all underrepresented groups. Snapbrillia believes in developing skill sets and fostering growth within the company, and they have an inclusive environment where everyone is free to share their perspective to build an effective product.

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