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Habitat – An Innovative and Sustainable Approach to Conventional Hand Soap

What Habitat does

Habitat specialises in custom hand soap tablets and reusable foam dispensers, which have eliminated single use plastic and reduce CO2 form the conventional hand soap approach. The innovative solution doesn’t break the wallet and sets a new design standard for modern eco products.

Habitat's Current Landscape

Habitat is focused on the unignorable issue facing the personal care industry which is estimated to produce more than 120 billion units of packaging every year globally – most of which is not truly recyclable adding excessive waste to landfill, our oceans and us.

Plastics don’t break down they break up into micro plastics which eventually leach harmful chemicals into our environment and inevitably our bodies. It’s estimated we consume a credit card worth of plastic a year.

The problem is set to get worse, the global cosmetics market generated approximately US$ 341.1 billion in 2020—and is expected to grow to US$ 560.50 billion by 2030. On contrast the global sustainable personal care market was valued at $20.8B in 2021 and is projected to reach $129.7B in 2031.

The Solution

Habitat is focused on doing its part to reduce waste, specifically plastic from the personal care industry. The ‘waterless’ soap tablets further help to reduce CO2 emissions associated with the transportation of bulky goods, like traditional liquid hand soap which can be up to 90% water.

The simplicity of the solution and ease for the user is key to the brand’s success. The custom soap tablets are simply added to the reusable glass dispenser and filled with tap water. Once dissolved (After around 10 minutes) the bespoke foam dispenser ensures a good lather.

All packaging uses vegetable ink to ensure it is home compostable and uses a carbon neutral shipping provider. The brand has considered all aspect of the product’s lifecycle to truly make it sustainable.

The sustainable personal care industry is on the rise, growing at a compound growth rate of 9.5% from 2022-2031, showing clear market appetite for alternative solutions. Habitat is at the forefront of this growth and has positioned itself well to leverage the consumers shift in consciousness. With few competitors in the niche Habitat’s focus on clean products with a design standard that challenges the conventional ‘eco’ aesthetic sets them apart from others.

With positive response following it’s launch in July 2022, the landscape is looking great for the new company. With its sights set on expanding its product range in 2023.

Habitat Birth Story

Habitat was born from the personal desire of its Founder Clare Roszak to create a solution focussed business. This combined with a passion for ethical and sustainable products, plus excessive time during the COVID-19 lockdowns provided the perfect setting to create the first prototype

A founder quote

Habitat’s mantra – Rethink, reuse.

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