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Go Beyond Ordinary: Elevate Your Marketing with Indigo Collective Group (ICG)

What ICG does

ICG provides personalized marketing solutions and innovative strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client. With dedicated account teams consisting of marketing strategists and coordinators, the company seamlessly integrates into its clients' teams, fostering collaboration and delivering extraordinary results. Its services span from strategic marketing consulting to hands-on execution, including personal brand development.

The Current Landscape

The marketing industry is evolving rapidly, spurred by digital transformation, AI analytics, and a shift towards personalized customer experiences. Despite the multitude of agencies available, many businesses struggle to receive personalized attention and tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. Established agencies and niche boutique firms coexist, yet businesses often face the challenge of navigating a one-size-fits-all approach, longing for a personalized touch to drive their brands forward.

Company Birth Story

After gaining valuable experience at large consulting firms, fintech companies, and a regional bank, Mandy Idol recognized an opportunity to leverage her expertise to assist businesses in launching their brands and amplifying their marketing efforts. Enter Indigo Collective Group. With a vision to serve both B2B and B2C organizations, ICG provides comprehensive marketing solutions to a variety of clients. The company maintains a balanced client portfolio, evenly split between B2B and B2C businesses, fostering a dynamic environment of creativity and collaboration to better serve each client's needs.

The Solution

ICG's comprehensive suite of services includes strategic marketing consulting to hands-on execution, including personal brand development:

• Fractional CMO Package: Designed for comprehensive marketing strategy development, the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) package offers a customized marketing strategy and roadmap aligned with the client's objectives.

• Marketing Manager Package: Tailored for businesses requiring tactical execution, the Marketing Manager package provides support with specific tasks such as social media management, content creation, and event management.

• Personal Branding Package: Customized to assist individuals in developing a robust personal brand, the package encompasses defining a unique value proposition, crafting compelling messaging, showcasing expertise, and distinguishing oneself in the industry.

A Customer Story

ICG had the privilege of collaborating with a new fintech to launch their negotiation and settlement platform for healthcare, legal, and insurance clients. It's been an exciting journey crafting the marketing strategy, refining the messaging, and planning unique tactics to promote the brand.

Here's what Vinodh Swaminathan, CEO of Cybersettle, had to say: "Indigo Collective Group has been a fantastic strategic partner for Cybersettle, bringing a holistic marketing strategy and execution approach to the table. Mandy Idol and her team of professionals have helped shape our marketing strategy and execution plans, complementing our business objectives effectively at every stage of our rapid growth. Their ability to engage with senior leadership at Cybersettle, our strategic partners, and key clients has been instrumental in strengthening our foundation for growth. I strongly recommend Mandy and the Indigo Collective Group for the clarity, depth, and breadth of skills they bring and the sheer energy and enthusiasm that they infuse into our execution plans. We are looking forward to our continuing partnership."

The Team Culture

The core team at ICG is made up of dedicated professionals who are passionate about marketing and client success. We value creativity, collaboration, and transparency. Anecdotes from life at ICG include brainstorming sessions that turn into breakthrough ideas and client meetings that feel more like friendly catch-ups. Our team's camaraderie and shared dedication to excellence create a vibrant and productive work environment.

A founder quote

"At ICG, we're not just about delivering marketing services; we're about creating lasting partnerships and transforming brands to reach their full potential. Our mission is to go beyond the ordinary, bringing innovation, creativity, and strategic insight to every project we undertake." - Mandy Idol, Co-Founder and CMO of Indigo Collective Group

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