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Givers cares about the caregivers

What is Givers?

Givers is a caregiver wellness and support platform. It helps those caring for loved ones find tax credits with a dedicated debit card, and access world-class resources and community.

The current industry landscape

There are 53 million Americans taking care of elderly parents and disabled or sick family members. As the unspoken backbone of the US healthcare system, family caregivers provide $470B in unpaid care per year.

Admirable and dutiful as it is, this work does not come without cost–the impacts on the relationships, careers, and financial, emotional, and physical health of unpaid caregivers are well documented. Devastatingly, this enormous swath of Americans are seriously contemplating suicide at nearly 3 times the rate of the non-caregiving population.

With the 65+ population set to double by 2050 and 77% wanting to age in place, caregiving is undeniably the next frontier of healthcare, and there is a lot of work to be done.

Why Givers was created

In the last few years, Max Mayblum, founder of Givers, watched as his own family system unquestioningly morphed to support his aging grandparents and an aunt with stage 4 cancer. What started as a desire to help his family find resources quickly evolved into a life changing mission. Max realized that most people supporting loved ones, like his own, are not healthcare professionals. Yet the expectation is that caregivers will navigate the system, perform nursing tasks, and manage his/her own mental, physical, and financial health. With the right resources and support, caring for a loved one can actually be an incredibly fulfilling opportunity to connect and find joy in relationships.

Givers' mission

To lessen the burden of caregiving, Givers provides its members with 4 avenues of support:

  • Givers Card. A self-funded debit card where members can silo their care-related expenses, and Givers does the dirty work to help them identify how they may get reimbursed through tax credits, medicare, the VA, and more

  • Givers Marketplace. Givers researched, vetted, and negotiated huge deals with the best-in-category products and services so members don't have to.

  • Caregiving Coach. Every Givers member gets a dedicated professional that is always just a message or call away to help them navigate the system and difficult situations.

  • Givers Community. Givers members enjoy a curated private community to share experiences, support one another, and learn from our guest experts.

While Givers offering may evolve over time, it will always be working towards the vision to build the best platform for family caregivers in the world.

The team culture

At Givers there is a focus on the 3 pillars of what it calls the Givers mindset:

  1. Mission-obsession. True to the name, Givers team focuses internally and externally on giving more than what they receive.

  2. Growth-addicted. Givers hires, encourages, and supports people who continually strive to challenge themselves because they love the journey.

  3. Givers team don't believe in boxes. They are not bound by convention and aim to live and work as authentically as possible. This is how they give the world their unique gifts.

Givers is a remote company that genuinely cares about teammates achieving fulfillment outside of work. Beyond unlimited PTO, the company requires every team member to take a full week off every 6 months and one Friday per month to disconnect from work and devices, as well as provide a personal growth stipend to go out and follow a passion. Givers aims to build a truly mindful and happy company, and create a work life that lives up to the ideals of each individual. Max spent the year of 2021 working nomadically–living in a different city in the US each month to explore national parks, immerse himself in different cultures, and enjoy activities like skiing and surfing. If the pandemic has spotlighted one thing, it is the connectedness and reliance on one another. The way everyone cares for each other is the basis of health and society, and interdependence is what makes everyone human. Supporting a loved one is a noble decision and deserves the support required to make it an opportunity for connection and joy. Check them out:

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