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Gexpr - A Global Network of Geeks, experts and Professionals

What is Gexpr ?

Gexpr democratizes access to social capital. It is a marketplace where prospective students, solopreneurs, and young professionals can connect via paid audio and audio calls one-on-one with recent grads, alumni, and skilled experts to get any advice they need.

Current Landscape

There's been a 10% surge in college applicants in 2021 touching 5.6 Million applicants contributing to a $1.1 Trillion Education Industry in the USA (Cision 2020). There is unrealized potential for alumni-prospects conversations, especially for first-gen college students or international students (who pay 2x to 3x the domestic tuition fees).

Currently, there are content and tech companies that connect you to professionals (and celebrity experts) but there isn't a feature to call an expert directly via the web. Additionally, most platforms offer prerecorded content formats and not live, on-demand audio/video calls. Ed counselors and consultants often lack access to recent grads and alumni who are real advocates. We're here to change that.

The Solution

A prospective student can search for instance, for SCAD alumni on Gexpr, get a listing of verified grads, select a grad they want to speak with based on background/interests and get advice about their experience at SCAD. Our search tags optimize the results based on the prospective student’s search criteria such as name, location, interests, profession, or availability.

Why We Began Gexpr

Sneha and her co-founder, Vaibhav both studied in the U.S.A. and personally faced challenges in reaching out to and speaking with alumni for advice. Today, as alumni they receive calls from known and unknown connections asking for advice about fields they sometimes do not have expertise in. They want to make these conversations contextual and efficient for both sides of the users.

Success So Far

Gexpr has started opening sign-ups for recent grads via the network of alums and have seen organic growth in registrations. They have onboarded alumni from various schools such as SAIC, NYU, Cornell, SCAD, CMU, Grinnell College, and more.

"Which school you attend is a life-changing decision and no one knows that better than alumni! However, most prospective students rely on their mom/uncles/cousin's network or send DMs via social media to connect with alumni and get first-hand advice. We want to take the chance out of these chance encounters!!"

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