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Get Wild with Your Workouts

What is Wild Mingo?

Wild Mingo is a Melbourne borne and bred business by Candice Lester with the

ambition of brightening up the fitness industry one paint splatter at a time. Wild

Mingo has a range of eco-conscious, non slip, machine washable yoga mats that

feature designs from a Melbourne artist.

The Current Landscape 

Yoga, pilates and at home workouts are on the rise post COVID and with more

and more people reaching for a mat or props to support their workout there are a lot of brands with similar products. Wild Mingo is about sparking joy, bringing fun to your workout and keeping you motivated through bright, colourful designs from an artist.

Company Birth Story 

Over the many lockdowns in 2020 Candice was looking for a way to stay

motivated in her workouts. A long time yoga and pilates lover she has always

found props to be functional but not individual enough to suit her colourful style. Starting with mats she collaborated with long time friend and artist Ashleigh Ben-Danan to create a range of mats for the first Wild Mingo collection.

The Solution

Wild Mingo is pushing the boundaries in the props you reach for in your workout. It is focused on transforming the way we make conscious choices about what motivates us and supports us as we step into yoga, pilates, personal training or even just a stretch session. We have deliberately focused on products that look

fantastic but that are also functional and practical and Candice can’t wait to see

how people “Stretch their imaginations as they work out with Wild Mingo”

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