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Fun and whimsical decor at Sabrina Hartel Home

What is Sabrina Hartel Home?

Sabrina Hartel Home sells fun, funky and whimsical home decor.

Current industry landscape

What's going on in the landscape now, is what has been going on: run-of-the-mill colors and textiles that are safe and benign. The colors do nothing. They don't evoke a mood or feeling. They don't have a "safe" feeling.

Sabrina Hartel Home's colors and patterns are, well, fun, funky and whimsical. It's like a carnival ride. Designer and CEO Sabrina Hartel Lonzo has been compared to the fashion designer Betsey Johnson; whom Sabrina loves! She's always bold with her fashion statements. Sabrina likes to think that Sabrina Hartel Home is bold as well.

The creation of the company

Sabrina Hartel Lonzo, a former advertising executive and an artist, created a home decor line by accident: throw pillows, pillowcases, paintings and soon dinnerware. "I got into painting on canvas when I moved to a new apartment," she said. "I had a spare bedroom that I turned into an art studio. I painted. And painted. But, in my studio, I had to replace the curtains every few months because my two cats would ruin them. My kitties would hang onto the curtains like Tarzan, you know; that was their thing," she gleamed. 'Then I thought, 'I'm going to make my own curtains, paint them with my own design'."

That she did.

She bought five yards of loose canvas from the art supply store, laid it out onto the floor… and painted it. "I worked on that canvas for about a week. After I finished the 'painting,' I thought that the fabric would look even better on a chair, reupholstered… But that was too ambitious!" she said. "I started small, making throw pillows, and I hit the arts and crafts circuit, selling hand-painted prototypes." They were a hit!

The company vision

Home decor doesn't need to be boring. And not everyone wants lace and ruffles on their pillows. In fact, a lot of guys buy her pillows because most of them are not 'frilly' and 'cutesy'.

Sabrina hope to open a brick-and-mortar retail store soon, where people can come inside the store and experience fun, funky and whimsical home decor.

Right now, her top seller is the Bouquet Coloring Book Canvas 8"x10" DIY Paint and Sip. Once that inner artist is released, there is no turning back.

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