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Fuel Genie Systems Titanium Fuel Cell/Core Hydrogen Injection kits

What FGS Does:

Fuel Genie Systems makes hydrogen injection systems that install in 45 minutes to an hour on any vehicle. Gas or diesel, up to 16L their kits save 20 to 30% on fuel costs and are ALSO eco-friendly, reducing emissions 80%.

Current Market Landscape:

The industry is wide open. Climate change emergencies have been declared in Canadian cities. Alberta is leader with hydrogen. FGS is well positioned to capitalize on this market, Their kit can convert any vehicle right now to a hydrogen hybrid, this also helps consumers with an economic choice and also EVs.

Company Evolution

In 2012, the president in Canada bought an old hydrogen kit. He tried it anyway and got it to work one time for improved MPG, never again. In 2016, he saw the FGS kit, installed it. 4 years later and R & D to incorporate the Titanium cell/core, hydrogen gas cut off safety switch, r/f wireless hand controller and LED display showing real time gas levels and change them on the fly, -20C freeze technology FGS USA corp had a state-of-the-art, emerged technology, hydrogen kit.

Clean air solution:

FGS took the old hydrogen kit that makes gas just fine, easily, cheaply and from a plentiful source, water and did 7 years of R&D so the kit connects directly to the engine without damaging the motor. ALL other electrolysis hydrogen vendor manufactures connect via the air intake manifold. FGS kit hooks directly off the motor. The vehicle’s natural motor vacuum sucks on the hydrogen canister and hydrogen gets “injected” into the motor without the constraints that a air intake manifold kit has. The result is a kit that works all the time for fuel savings and also reduces emissions 80%. Their kits are cheap to buy, consumers recoups their money in approximately 15K of driving at todays fuel prices.

How do they give back to the earth, all?

Well, FGS kits reduce emissions 80%. This helps with climate change and our planet and it also gives clean air. Hydrocarbon gases also have negative health repercussions associated with them. Removing these gases and purifying the air helps people with their health. FGS helps the people, helps the planet, helps all inhabitance of it, including the animals. They also help people save money.

The Team Culture:

Fuel Genie Systems works with leading universities and research institutions throughout the world to find new and exciting ways that make hydrocarbon gases burn cleaner resulting in a better future for all. They are environmentalists and like being keepers of the planet, helping all. Saving on fuel costs is just a bonus! FGS USA is corp, and they have distributorships in the UK, Canada, Australia, SA, Philippines. And several other countries. Their president in Canada, David Scrivens, fits the profile above.

A founder quote

In regards to nature and the environment… A favourite quote of Dave’s is: All my friends are wild.

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