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From Occasional Sales to Project Worth $10,000,000 a Year:Kucher ECO Brand History

What the company does?

Established in 2021, Kucher ECO is engaged in a production of electric vehicles, specifically electric bikes, and electric bicycles. Igor Kucheryavenko, the founder of Kucher ECO, and project’s investor Ivan Kroshnyi have set out an ambitious goal to turn this startup into the world's largest network of classy and eco-friendly two-wheeled vehicles as well as create electric bikes and bicycles capable of replacing gasoline-powered vehicles.

Why eco-friendly vehicles?

Having excellent growth potential, the market for electric vehicles is evolving dynamically. There are loads of bikes with gasoline and gas-power engines in the world. However, as time goes by, this segment will be shifting to electric motors more and more because this is a much more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution for consumers. Given the fact that the world seeks to avoid polluting emissions and switch to more sustainable energy sources, this niche has great long-term prospects. This is why the Kucher ECO project will only continue to expand in the coming decades.

Here’s how the brand history started

Presently, there are 30 stores that sell Kucher ECO’s electric vehicles. In the nearest future, it is planned to open a store in Dubai, set up a plant for the production of an eco-friendly bike line in Indonesia and reach a 10-million-dollar turnover in 2022.

It all started with a small startup that did not even have its own brand. Igor Kucheryavenko set up a production of electric bikes and made occasional sales using online ad boards. The products gained in popularity and demand for it started to grow. Soon, there was a need to expand output and model range, as well as explore new markets, all of which required extra funds.

While looking for potential investors, Igor decided to contact Ivan Kroshnyi, an entrepreneur and owner of an international group of companies. Ivan takes his time to carefully consider every investment project he deals with. So far, he has invested in fintech projects, real estate development, and catering business in Dubai. Igor Kucheryavenko’s startup was pretty small, to begin with; however, Ivan recognized the long-term benefits this niche has and product uniqueness.

More than just an investment: Growth-accelerating mentorship

At that time, Igor needed not only to get the money for his startup but also to gain relevant business experience so that he could take his business to the next level. First and foremost, he needed a mentor and a more experienced business partner. And Ivan Kroshnyi was just the right person for it.

Ivan mentored Igor for the first six months. He shared valuable tips with newbie entrepreneurs on how to scale up a business, build a team, and use networking to encourage further investments. Before meeting Ivan, Igor had about 200 meetings with potential investors, yet didn’t manage to spark their interest in his startup. After completing the mentorship program, he was able to raise the necessary amount after just 4 meetings and start to push the project forward. Ivan has personally invested a little more than $1 million in production and registered the Kucher ECO trademark. From that point onward, the company started to expand into global markets.

The Solution

Unlike similar products available in the market, electric vehicles by Kucher ECO stand out due to their high driving distance and excellent speed. On top of that, they have a unique charging system and a well-designed battery system. The price matches the prices for middle-range bikes. What’s more, there is a 5-year warranty on the frame and wheels, so the buyer can easily upgrade the frame without having to buy a whole new bike.

The company is currently expanding its product line ranging from bicycles to electric sports motorcycles. This year, the company has come up with three new models for people of different heights from 120 cm to 2 meters. It is also planned to launch an e-bike factory in Indonesia, increase the team to 100+ people and achieve an annual turnover of 10,000,000 U.S. dollars.

A partnership is a path to project success

According to Ivan Kroshnyi and Igor Kucheryavenko, the key to the company's fast and furious growth lies in establishing the right partnership. This enables you to strengthen the business and create the necessary synergy. It also offers you a chance to find a strong ally and fellow thinker who will bring their own resources, connections, and ideas to the table.

Ivan Kroshnyi runs all of his businesses in partnership. However, he always stresses the importance of picking the right partner whose fundamental values ​​and principles are in line with yours, and who has enough resources to invest in the joint business. As far as Kucher ECO goes, Igor Kucheryavenko had an elaborate business plan and exceptional designs for the manufacture of products in a promising market niche. In turn, Ivan Kroshny had investment, a long-standing experience in business scaling and team management, along with valuable contacts and ideas to fuel company’s growth.

How can entrepreneurs make sure that their startups succeed as quickly as possible? Ivan Kroshnyi suggests that you learn from those who already have solid business accomplishments to demonstrate. The best way is to sign up for a mentorship program, just like Igor Kucheryavenko did. His example proves that you can start as a small entrepreneur and evolve into the owner of an international company in less than a year as long as you partner with a seasoned business mentor.

A founder quote

“When attracting partners or raising investment for your project, you need to find a strong and experienced mentor who will help you create a more profitable business model and tackle the matters that fall within their expertise at each stage of business scaling. This should be someone who will channel your energy in the right direction, strengthen your business multifold, and help you achieve your goals faster,” says Ivan Kroshnyi.

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