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From Idea to Reality - Market Pro’s Journey of Becoming the Microsoft of Marketing

What Market Pro Does

Market Pro is an AI-based digital marketing agency helping businesses accelerate and thrive with collaborative intelligence. The company provides robust, customer- centric digital marketing services to drive more revenue using artificial and human intelligence. From creating dynamic websites to outsmarting social campaigns, email marketing, and Google ads, the company does it all for its global clientele.

Market Pro's Current Landscape

Digital marketing is changing fast and to stay competitive in the market you need to collaborate with advanced technology. By leveraging AI, Market Pro provides accuracy, reliability, and professionalism. Trends are changing and if you want the edge, you need to stay competitive. Many people believe AI is a curse for marketing. Not many marketing agencies employ it, but ever think of the wonders it can do for you? The joint process is simple - where AI meets the human brain. People worldwide benefit from this, have helped many businesses grow, and will continue to do so in the future.

Company Birth Story

From scratch and without assistance, Market Pro started, flourished, and became the Microsoft of marketing. Started the company with 7 employees in-house and grew and grew. Marketing trends change quickly. Everyone does marketing but Market Pro needed something different that set us apart in the market. Back in 2021, introduced our collaborative intelligence force idea to the market and combined artificial intelligence and human intelligence in digital marketing. Not many people practise it, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

The solution

With the help of AI and human intelligence, crafting stories for different brands is what our experts do. Market Pro has crafted campaigns for businesses, given ideas a platform to live, and managed all brand needs from ideas to maintenance and support with AI and human involvement. Our work processes are simple, timely, and within your budget. From digital content to rebranding, designing marketing strategies, our experts do it for you. They are known for their smart work in the industry - combining smart intelligence with their brains to provide services around the world.

Team culture

Working with us is fun. We understand how boring a workplace can be, and who wants a regular 9 to 5 and no time for them? To cater to this, we have in-house games, monthly, semi-annual, and annual team collaboration dinners, and trips. Since we believe in diversity, we are always on standby to assist team members and participate in their happiness when any occasion or festival arises, such as Holi, Eid, Christmas, Easter, and so on. To keep the team engaged we give them tasks, a mentorship program, learning opportunities, and contests. To promote equality, we welcome all ideas whether they are from a senior employee or an intern. You have the right. Here you can pitch your ideas without being judged because in Market Pro there is no room for discrimination.

Founders Quote

Digitalisation is transforming our world, and we need to advance our practices to meet them. We design, develop, and maintain websites and social sites that reflect your brand with the combination of AI and the human brain. I believe that innovation, strategy, marketing, and engagement are the cornerstones of every project, essential to delivering durable results for clients that are simple, enjoyable, easy to navigate, and save time for everyone. I don’t work at Market Pro, I learn, teach, and innovate new practices. That’s my cheat code. (Maryam Ehsan - CEO Market Pro)

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